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The Hosted Call Center Reporting Metrics You Should Track for Success

June 8, 2017

Hosted Call Center ReportingIn order to boost sales and customer satisfaction levels, a growing number of businesses of all sizes — including small firms that want to have a large footprint in their local, regional, national or international marketplace — are implementing a hosted call center.

However, this game-changing upgrade is more than just a way to expand capacity while lowering costs. Managers and executives can also leverage a hosted call center to monitor, analyze and exploit a variety of hosted call center reporting metrics.

While every business is unique and must customize KPIs based on specific needs and goals, below we highlight a core set of hosted call center reporting metrics that should be part of the mix:

Hosted Call Center Reporting Metric: First Call Resolution (FCR)

First call resolution refers to the proportion of customer issues that are solved and closed in the initial outreach. Research by the Service Quality Management Group has found that for each 1% increase in FCR, businesses enjoy a 1% boost in customer satisfaction.  

Hosted Call Center Reporting Metric: Service Level

Response time is a valuable metric that captures on average how many calls are answered in a specific period of time. This information helps managers and executives determine if they need to provide additional training or coaching, onboard additional staff, and so on.

Hosted Call Center Reporting Metric: Response Time

Response time is associated with service level (as described above), but differs in that the focus is on meeting call handling goals. For example, the response time standard in a business might be “98% percent of calls handled and closed within 48 hours.”  

Hosted Call Center Reporting Metric: Schedule Adherence

Schedule adherence captures how much time an individual agent, rep, or team spends logged into the hosted call center system — either serving customers, or being available to do so. If the number is consistently around 58-60 minutes/hour, then it likely indicates that additional staff is needed (or perhaps using an auto-attendant or IVR to route callers to self-support tools, etc.). If the number is consistently around 45-50 minutes/hour, then it likely indicates that there is an excess staffing capacity, or that staff should be working on other tasks when they’re available to serve customers, but aren’t engaged (for example, they could be in the customer community and social media posting responses, etc).

Hosted Call Center Reporting Metric: Average Call Duration

Call duration helps identify whether customer calls are taking an appropriate — or excessive — amount of time. If it’s the latter, then it could indicate that staff training or coaching is necessary. However, this may not be the case, as in some situations (e.g. providing technical support), calls can often last for several minutes, simply because of the nature of the engagement.

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These are just some of the hosted call center reporting metrics that businesses can capture through their system, and businesses can ultimately use this valuable intelligence to make smarter, faster decisions that drive their organization forward.

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