5 Hosted VoIP Call Center Tools to Make Your Agents More Productive

Posted by Ed Lennon on Aug 16, 2017 2:30:00 PM

Image of human hands holding plant shaped like arrow-347163-edited.jpegIt is widely known that switching from an on-premise to a hosted VoIP call center can save businesses tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on everything from installation and maintenance fees, to infrastructure and labor costs. For example, rather than renovating corporate headquarters to accommodate more call center staff, a hosted VoIP call center enables businesses to establish a remote or distributed workforce anywhere in the world — even from home offices.

However, there is another layer of benefits and advantages that are just as important, and they are all related to “doing more with less.” Here are 5 hosted VoIP call center tools that measurably and in many cases dramatically boost productivity:

1. Advanced Routing

Advanced Routing enables businesses to distribute calls to any reps or agents — regardless of what device they are using or where they are located — based on their skills profile and availability. For example, if a customer uses the automated attendant to reach technical support for a specific product, Advanced Routing ensures that the call is directed to an employee who is both available to take the call, and has the required knowledge.

2. Call Monitoring 

Call monitoring allows supervisors and managers to listen in on live calls for training, compliance, and security purposes. What’s more, they can use the system’s instant messaging to interact with agents without disrupting the call (i.e. customers are never aware that monitoring/interaction is taking place).

3. Call Holding & Forwarding 

Call holding and forwarding uses real-time data capturing to identify each employee’s availability and history (i.e. how many calls they have answered on the shift), in order to distribute calls effectively and avoid workload imbalances that can lead to burnout or disengagement.

4. Reporting & Data Gathering  

Supervisors, managers and executives can also access real-time data for a full range of performance and productivity-related metrics, including time on call, number of calls answered, time to resolution, number of calls waiting in the queue, number of agents available, and more.

5. Salesforce Integration

Last but not least: businesses can integrate their hosted VoIP call center system with Salesforce, in order to track customer interaction in real-time to shorten sales cycles, increase deal sizes, and boost win rates.

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