Is Hosted VoIP Right for Your Retail Store?

Posted by Ed Lennon - 02 January, 2018

hosted VoIPEach year across the country, thousands of retail stores switch from a conventional landline phone system, to an advanced, cost-effective and feature-rich hosted VoIP phone system. To help you determine whether upgrading is the right move for your retail store, here are 4 key factors to consider:

1. You want to dramatically lower your annual telecommunications costs.

With a hosted VoIP phone system, there is no costly on-site PBX (private branch exchange) system to purchase, install, maintain and service. Everything is managed by an off-site VoIP Solutions Provider. Furthermore, there are no long distance costs, and user-to-user calls are free — regardless of where the parties are located. While each retail store has its own cost/savings profile, generally speaking it is common to save 30-50 percent each year, and some retail stores save significantly more.

2. You want to maximize customer value and optimize customer acquisition. 

Today’s retailers are leveraging enterprise-grade CRM systems to maximize customer value and optimize customer acquisition. A hosted VoIP phone system integrates with CRM systems — such as Salesforce — to provide sales and support reps with immediate access to purchase history and other details, based on nothing more than an incoming phone number.

3. You want to expand your workforce — but not your overhead. 

Customers hate being placed on hold, and most will hang-up within 30 seconds. At the same time, most retailers do not have the workspace for additional sales or support staff. A hosted VoIP phone system solves this dilemma effectively and efficiently. Incoming calls can be seamlessly forwarded to a call center, a home office, or anywhere else. Customers do not detect that their call is transferred; as far as they are concerned, the person they are speaking to is working at the retail store.

4. You want to optimize your workforce. 

Hosted VoIP phone systems feature a range of advanced calling features, which your management team can use to monitor and track data such as call volumes, call duration, first-time-resolution, and so on. Ultimately, this actionable intelligence helps you make better and faster decisions regarding staffing and performance management — which ultimately boosts your bottom line. 

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If some — or most likely all — of the above factors align with your retail store’s needs and goals, then a hosted VoIP phone system is a smart, strategic and safe investment!

To learn more, contact the Votacall team today. Your consultation with us is free, and we will provide you with a live, guided tour of our award-winning solution that is used by retailers and other businesses nationwide.

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