The Top 3 Reasons a Hosted VoIP Phone System is Ideal for a Construction Company

Posted by Matt McCarthy on Jul 28, 2017 3:37:30 PM

Maintenace_contract.jpgThe significance of communications is not industry specific. Therefore, the ability to communicate effectively is crucial to the operation of any organization and can be the difference between long term success and failure. 

The Construction industry is not immune to the power and pitfalls of communications. The ability to effectively and quickly communicate an idea, a change or status of a project is essential and the slightest lack of communication can cost major dollars and time.

Whether it is internal communication between employees or external communication between subcontractors, it is extremely important for all participants of a project to communicate and be informed. Due to the constant change in projects and the diversely located jobsites, certain teams and team members need to maintain contact to keep a project moving in a timely fashion, making Hosted VoIP phone systems an ideal option.  Here are the top 3 ways a Hosted VoIP phone system is ideal for a construction company:

1. Communication that Won't Quit5-essential-ways-to-protect-your-business-technology-during-a-power-outage.jpg

Construction companies operate all hours of the day and night. In order for their operation to take place, there needs to be a means of communication that they can rely on to avoid downtime due to inability to use their phones. A Hosted VoIP phone system allows for quality and reliable communication that won’t quit. 

The diverse locations of the servers used for a Hosted VoIP phone system allow for the system to be immune to inconveniences like power outages or storms that completely stop all communication within a company. No matter the condition of the company headquarters or jobsite, with a Hosted VoIP system all the contacts, voicemails and fax that would be otherwise inaccessible would be readily available on a mobile device, leaving employees fully capable to communicate and work.

2. Complete Compatablility with the Industry5-hosted-voip-features-that-help-you-work-remotely.jpg

Employees of construction companies are a prime example of remote workers. Their jobs require them to be out at various jobsites every day, sometimes away from other members of their team. Regardless of where they are working from, employees need access to their contacts and voicemail to maintain the coordination of the projects.

Contact information for coworkers, subcontractors and suppliers are must-haves for construction workers no matter where they are working from. With Hosted VoIP phone systems, employees have access to whatever they need with apps on a mobile device.

Wherever contruction workers may find themselves, they will not be out of touch to their voicemail, email, contacts and fax correspondence. In an industry where communication is key and team members are often separated, it is important to have a phone system that is compatible with their job and keeps them connected.  Hosted VoIP phone systems are truly compatible with the day to day responsibilities of construction workers.

3.  The Advantage of Scalabilityphone-shutterstock_125184089.jpg

With construction companies always adding and completing new projects, the size of their operation is always subject to change. Construction companies may be faced with needing to add new lines for employees due to the growth.  With a traditional PBX system, the addition and removal of lines can be quite a hassle, especially if the change is needed often. 

Adding and removing lines made easy and pain free with Hosted VoIP phone systems. New lines can be added or removed with ease and without the costly hardware that a traditional PBX system would require. With projects always changing and different employees and subcontractors being involved, it is important to have a phone system that allows for easy addition and removal of lines.

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