What is a Hosted VoIP Phone System and Why Does Your Business Need One?

Posted by Andy DeAngelis - 04 November, 2016

hosted VoIP phone systemWhen it comes to investing in technology-led business solutions, there are different categories.  

For example, a futuristic state-of-the-art espresso machine that uses IoT and GPS to connect with smartphones, and brew the perfect cup of coffee based on customized parameters (time, day, going into a meeting, coming out of a meeting, etc.) would be delightful. But is it worth the investment? For most businesses, the answer is a clear no. Employees would surely love it. But CFOs? Not so much.

And then there are business solutions that are more down-to-earth, such as a comprehensive human resource information system or advanced cyber security appliance, but are nevertheless still on the “for future considerations” list. So yes, they may be part of the ecosystem one day; just not today.

And then there is another category of business solutions for fundamental no-brainers, and the proof is that the only regret businesses have once they purchase them, is that they did not do it sooner. And on top of this list of must-have solutions is a hosted VoIP phone system.

What is a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

A hosted VoIP phone system – which is also referred to as a hosted PBX, cloud-based phone system, or internet phone system – is when an off-site VoIP Solutions Provider is responsible for housing the IP-PBX (“internet protocol - private branch exchange”), as well as providing all system maintenance and technical support.

Employees simply make and receive calls through desk sets that plug into a managed router, which in turn connects to an IP-PBX server (note that employees do not interface with this back-end technology or even know it exists – they simply use the phone as per normal). Employees can also access the system through an app on their smartphone, which is ideal for mobile teams and remote workers.

What are the Key Benefits of a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

There are several advantages of a hosted VoIP phone system that make it an essential investment – and categorically superior to traditional phone systems. These include:

  • Substantial cost savings that can exceed 50 percent a year vs. a traditional phone system. There is no hardware to purchase, no trunk lines to rent, and the long distance savings alone can be in the thousands of dollars per year. Adding toll-free lines is also much cheaper than with traditional carriers.
  • The investment is future proof, as businesses add more capacity to their system simply by purchasing affordable licenses on an as-needed. Or if they scale down, they let licenses expire. All of this can be done through their secure, customized web portal and no technician appointment is required.
  • Instead of having to install new phones at various locations, businesses can route calls to any other office(s) in the state, country or world, including sending calls directly to employee smartphones (either specific individuals, or they can be part of hunt groups or ring groups). Or if they need to change headquarters or other locations, their phone numbers simply go with them.
  • There is zero on-site system maintenance, which is welcome news for IT teams that are already stretched to the limit! All maintenance, technical support, updates and upgrades are handled remotely by the VoIP Solutions Provider.
  • Traditional phone carriers typically save their latest innovations for new customers, since they want to incentivize them to come on board. This leaves existing, loyal customers on the outside looking in. This is not the case with a hosted VoIP phone system. Provided they have partnered with a proven and professional VoIP Solutions Provider, businesses automatically get the latest and best innovations and features, and always benefit from system upgrades.  

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To learn more about how a hosted VoIP phone system can be the best technology-led solution investment that your business has made in recent years – or perhaps the best investment evercontact the Votacall team today. Your consultation with us is free.

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