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Can You Link Your Business VoIP System with Salesforce?

September 11, 2017

VoIP phone system and salesforceThe short answer to the question of whether you can link your business VoIP system with Salesforce’s class-leading CRM is: yes you can! 

Now, for the longer and complete answer: there are essentially two ways that you can leverage the benefits of both your business VoIP system and Salesforce, in order to access a range of customer-focused and performance improvement benefits (we will highlight these in a moment).

The first way is to develop your own adapter using Salesforce’s Computer Technology Integration (CTI) Toolkit. This is complex and time consuming, and if you do not have in-house expertise and resources, it is not recommended. Instead of leveraging synergies, you (or a member of your team) will be chasing down bugs.

The second way — and the one that is unquestionably simpler, faster and more cost-effective — is to choose a VoIP Solutions Provider like Votacall that has already created a full-featured VoIP-Salesforce app, and that you can literally start befitting from within minutes of installation. Here are some of these benefits:

  • Personalize & Enhance Customer Service Delivery: For each incoming call, your reps and agents can instantly get a pop-up screen in their Salesforce browser that highlights key customer record data.  
  • Capture Recordings & Real-Time Calling Data: Your reps and agents can capture real-time calling data, (e.g. if a call originated from a smartphone or office phone, time of call, etc.). What’s more, all of this data is automatically recorded in Salesforce, even if users are not logged into the CRM when the call is received.
  • Exploit Closed Loop Analytics: Your marketing and techpubs teams will finally get the data they need to justify investments and make the case for bigger budgets and more resources. That’s because instead of relying on fuzzy qualitative assessments, they can clearly, accurately and objectively access data-based performance insights (e.g. whether support calls decline after launching a knowledge portal that is populated with self-support product content, etc.).
  • Improve Performance Management: Your leadership team can monitor a full range of call tracking KPIs and metrics, and generate reports that highlight received calls, placed/missed calls, unreturned missed calls, and other business intelligence that supports training, compliance and resource optimization objectives.
  • Enhance Versatility and Agent Ease-of-Use: Because the Votacall Salesforce app resides completely in Salesforce, your agents, reps and other users will access a range of integrated features and options including:
  1. The ability to choose console or non-console usage.
  2. Automatic SSO when Salesforce is launched (to avoid the time/hassle of a second login).
  3. Full call control in Salesforce.
  4. Conference calling and control within the Salesforce call record.
  5. On-the-fly status updating.
  6. Dynamic call control buttons to avoid screen clutter and crowding.
  7. Voicemail indicator and one-touch dialing functionality.
  8. Automatic task creation when calls are missed.

The Bottom Line 

Votacall makes it easy, fast and highly beneficial to link your business VoIP system with Salesforce, so that you can improve customer experience, employee performance, and bottom line success and results. To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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