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Future Proof Your Business with Hosted VoIP Technology

February 5, 2016

future-proof-your-business-with-hosted-voip-technologyWhen investing in any kind of new business solution, you obviously need to focus on critical aspects such as cost effectiveness, efficiency and performance gains and ROI.

However, on today’s astonishingly fast-paced business landscape, there is a key consideration that is arguably more important than any other: whether the proposed investment is future proofed. And that is precisely where hosted VoIP technology is undeniably and categorically superior to a conventional landline phone system.

Below, we highlight the 5 key reasons why:

5 Ways Hosted VoIP Future Proofs Your Business

1. Unprecedented Scalability

Strategic plans are not crystal balls. As such, you do not know with absolute certainty if you will need 50 fewer phone lines a few months from now - or perhaps hundreds more. Fortunately, a hosted VoIP phone system delivers unprecedented scalability. From 5 lines to over 5000, you can flex to align your system’s capacity with expanding or contracting needs: from those that you anticipate and plan for, to those that emerge unexpectedly.

2. Constant Innovation

Communication technology is constantly improving – which is welcome news for if you have a hosted VoIP phone system, because at no cost you will automatically access the “latest and greatest” advancements, features and functions. So, no matter what future of VoIP technology has in store, your system will always be on the leading edge and reaping all of the rewards.

3. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Hosted VoIP system providers continuously invest in business continuity and disaster recovery technology whether the issue is local power outages or malware attacks – your business will be safe, secure and connected.

4. Support for Remote Teams and Mobile Workers

As the New York Times notes “telecommuting is fast on the rise”. Indeed, a growing number of businesses – including major multinational enterprises – have established remote teams and mobile workers who either work entirely off-site (e.g. home office or satellite office), or who spend the majority of the time on the road (e.g. meeting with customers, suppliers, etc.). A hosted VoIP system is perfectly designed to support this dynamic, and empower all of your employees– regardless of where they are or when they’re working – to stay in touch, be productive, and achieve impressive results.

5. Advanced Calling Features

And last but not least, a hosted VoIP system delivers advanced calling features that put your business years ahead of your competitors that are limited by traditional landline systems. These include web conferencing, video conferencing, voicemail-to-text, one-number-service – just to name a few.  

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To learn more about how to future proof your business with hosted VoIP technology, contact the experts at Votacall today. We will work you and your teams to develop a cost-effective and customized solution that supports your ongoing needs – today, tomorrow and for years to come!

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