Choosing a Hosted VoIP System is a Tough Decision

Posted by Andy DeAngelis on Apr 1, 2013 7:27:25 AM
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4/1/2013- Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- There are many different routes a company can take when choosing voip. Specifically,a private voip system or public voip hosted by a provider and delivered to the user for a small monthly fee. Different companies prefer each avenue because it complements their organizations needs. Larger companies have more resources and a full scale IT team that might prefer to oversee their own hosted voip platform because they believe they can save money by utilizing their own resources.

Generally the private platforms are constructed by a network consultant, someone who does that specifically for as living. They then typically train the IT department employees to handle themselves. Its not rocket science once the concept is explained in simple terms. Its debatable that a private voip network is cheaper in the long run, very high up front costs are required and that tends to scare off many people. For a company who is not sold on voip and wants to check it out for a year before installing a whole network, they should significantly consider choosing a friendly hosted VoIP provider.

Even if its only for a one year contract, getting your feet wet before diving in can be a great decision. In my experience, companies who select a great provider will never stop using them. Why would they switch away from a fully managed service? Especially because the only other option is to manage your own solution, or pay boatloads of money to switch back to a premise-based system. Making either of these changes would be taking a step backwards, that's the opposite direction a company wants to move. Hosted VoIP is the leading telecom trend nowadays and can deliver a company unparalleled functionality.

Premise-based telecom systems are a thing of the past and are slowly being phased out. The functionality is below that of a Hosted V0IP system and ends up costing users far more money in the lifetime of the system. Some companies or executives just want the bottom line, hosted voip gives better functionality and a lower total cost of ownership. Hearing that makes a decision easy, choose a hosted voip provider and your company will benefit. I've been convincing myself that a non-private voip system is the way to operate, its all managed for you by telecom experts and is guaranteed to be stress & hassle free.

Every organization has their own wants, needs and desires when they are choosing a new telephone system. These needs stem from the fact that many companies need to feel as they are progressing with or ahead of the competition, It gives them a sense of security, knowing that they have the most secure and reliable telecom system available on the market. Choosing a telecom system and a hosted VoIP provider is no easy task. However, once its completed, the hard part is over, simply sit back and watch as your fully managed service works amazingly. Totally scalable and mobile, the functionality and low total cost of ownership will prove that choosing a Hosted VoIP system and the correct provider were an important decision for success.

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