3 Ways that VoIP Flexibility Drives Business Growth

Posted by Andy DeAngelis - 25 October, 2017

Be Flexible sign with clouds and sky background-1-116114-edited.jpegOn today’s relentlessly competitive and fast-changing landscape, businesses that thrive are not necessarily those with substantial working capital or massive brand awareness. Rather, they are agile, nimble, lean, and above all: flexible. And that is precisely why a growing number of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, are upgrading to an advanced hosted VoIP phone solution.

Here are 3 key ways that hosted VoIP flexibility drives business growth:

VoIP Flexibility Advantage: Seamless Scalability

Without question, the most important and beneficial aspect of hosted VoIP flexibility is its capacity for seamless scalability. Rather than waiting weeks or months for conventional phone companies to install new lines — and paying a hefty fee in the process — businesses can simply and very cost-effectively add new lines through a secure web dashboard in a matter of seconds.

At the same time — and just as importantly — businesses can seamlessly scale down if (for example) they decide to down-size, outsource certain functions to a third party, and so on. As such, there is no financial risk of being saddled with costly extra lines that are not being used. 

VoIP Flexibility Advantage: Total Mobility

Another core advantage of a hosted VoIP phone system is that it gives businesses unprecedented flexibility to extend their workforce virtually anywhere in the world. For example, workers can forward calls to any other number (including a home office landline), or install a simple app on their smartphone and access the system 24/7/365.

VoIP Flexibility Advantage: Integrating with Other Systems  

These days, it is not enough for employees to be flexible: data also needs to be flexible, in the sense that it must be integrated to turn raw information into actionable intelligence.

VoIP is a pure SaaS solution (i.e. the system “lives” in the cloud), which means that businesses can easily integrate VoIP data with other systems in the environment, such as CRM. For example, sales reps and support agents can automatically see historical customer data in Salesforce based on an incoming call number. This not only saves time and resources, but helps optimize customer experience — which is in many industries is a bigger brand differentiator than price and product.

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To learn more about how hosted VoIP enables flexibility and drives growth — whether you are in dynamic launch mode, or have an established presence in your marketplace — contact the Votacall team today. Your consultation with us is free.

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