The Truth About VoIP Phone Systems: 3 Myths Bite the Dust

Posted by Ed Lennon on Aug 23, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Facts Myths written on a chalkboard-601289-edited.jpegSome myths are fine and harmless. For example, many parents depend on the Tooth Fairy to help their little ones cope with the trauma and tragedy of losing a tooth. And if Santa Claus can keep kids from playing with matches or sticking their tongues to a frozen telephone pole, then good ‘ol Saint Nick and his flying reindeer are welcome to hang around. Even grown-ups can get in the action. What true sports fan hasn’t stood up in front of their TV as the clock winds down on a crucial game, reached down into the depths of the very being, and personally willed their team to victory — even at the cost of spilling their beer?

But at the same time, some myths are better of biting the dust, because rather than achieving a goal or improving an outcome, they cause major misunderstandings and create costly problems. And so, it’s in the spirit of myth-busting that we wave goodbye to 3 lingering lies about VoIP phone systems that, alas, are perpetrated by phone companies, long distance carriers and hardware vendors that have a vested interest in keeping the facts hidden:

Myth #1: VoIP phone systems don’t deliver significant cost savings vs. landline systems.

FACT: VoIP phone systems are measurably — and in many cases dramatically — more cost effective than landline phone systems. This is because there are no costly trunk lines to rent, no expensive maintenance contracts to cover, and no long distance fees. Adding new lines is also very inexpensive, since the only fee is a new user license. There are no cables to lay, wires to install, or on-site technician visits to schedule. There’s also no on-site support costs, which is great news for IT teams.

Myth #2: End users get confused when they must learn new technology, so it’s better to stick to what they’re familiar with.

FACT: The VoIP phone system user experience is intuitive and user-centric, and there is virtually no learning curve. Literally within minutes of the system going live, end users — including those who consider themselves less technically inclined — can start accessing and enjoying everything from voicemail-to-email, video conferencing, and the list goes on. If anything, VoIP phone systems are easier and simpler to use than landline systems, because the technology is designed from the ground-up to be very user-friendly.

Myth #3: VoIP phone systems are not reliable.

FACT: If 99.99% uptime is not reliable, then we do not know what is! Because that it the reliability standard that VoIP Solutions Providers commit to, and this is part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). In other words, it’s not a “soft promise” — it’s a firm commitment.

In fact, because VoIP phone systems have several fallback mechanisms in place to stay operational in the event of a power outage — such as leveraging a geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure — they are even more reliable than landline systems, not less. For example, if inclement weather knocks out the local power grid, businesses using a landline system will not be able to make or receive calls, while those using a VoIP system will simply be able to transfer calls to smartphones or route them to any other location.

The Bottom Line

While some myths take longer than others to fade, it’s only a matter of time before all of the above are no longer part of the telecommunications dialogue — because facts are facts, and the truth is the truth. And a growing number of businesses across the country and around the world are conducting due diligence, doing their research, and objectively determining that the question they need to ask isn’t, “Should we switch to a hosted VoIP phone system?” but instead, “How can we afford not to switch to a VoIP phone system?”

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