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3 Quick Tips About VoIP Phone Installation

January 10, 2018


VoIP phone installationNo matter how technically adept someone is, anyone can run into problems when installing new technology. And it can be intimidating switching from a landline to a VoIP system –– despite the many benefits therein. So, to take some of the fear out of the process, here are three quick tips to help smooth over your VoIP phone installation:


Your first step to installing a VoIP phone is simply getting it and all of its accoutrements out of the box and onto your desk. From there, you should check to make sure you have all the required materials. It may sound inane, but nothing’s worse than starting a puzzle without all the pieces. Also, make sure that your internet connection and wifi are running smoothly before you install your VoIP phone. You'll need it before you can finalize the installation process.

Start Connecting the Dots

Once you’ve got everything out of the box you can begin putting things together. Most of these steps should be self-explanatory. The phone stand should connect to the bottom of the phone pad. The receiver should connect to the underside of the phone pad, and the phone’s power adapter into a nearby outlet. Again, these should be simple to find so if you’re having trouble you may be overthinking it. Try taking a break and gathering your thoughts for a minute –– it can help you see the bigger picture.

Go Online

By now your VoIP phone should be assembled and powered on. From here, you’ll want to connect your VoIP phone to the internet. Make sure you have your wifi modem or wireless router close enough to connect your VoIP phone to it with the ethernet cable. And again, from there, it should be relatively straightforward connecting your phone to the modem via the ethernet cable. Once you’ve established a physical connection, you can connect your new VoIP phone to the internet and begin making and receiving calls right away.

Having Trouble?

Even the best laid plans don’t always survive the battle field. If something’s gone wrong in setting up your new VoIP phone, or if you’re having trouble getting it started for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to call for help. At Votacall, we have the expertise and the resources to support VoIP systems –– from simple installation and maintenance issues, to advanced metrics and more complex features. Contact Votacall today and let us show you how! No matter what your business does, it can benefit from switching to a VoIP phone system. To learn more about what Votacall can do for your business check out what separates us from other VoIP vendors here:

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