3 Reasons Votacall is the Best Aircall Alternative

August 1, 2023

Aircall is a common phone system provider that is used by thousands of businesses around the nation. Despite its popularity, many users across a variety of industries have expressed their dissatisfaction with numerous aspects of Aircall’s services. From difficult billing to poor customer support, customers have had many issues with Aircall’s services, leaving them searching for an Aircall alternative. This is where Votacall can help!

An efficient phone service is necessary for the success of any business. It should come as no surprise that consistent issues with a workplace phone system, such as frequent service disruptions, lack of customer support or assistance troubleshooting issues, and complicated billing or unfair pricing, can impact employee productivity and reduce the quality of work being done in any given office. If you're settling for a subpar experience with your phone system provider and are now in search of a better Aircall alternative, it’s time to contact the experts at Votacall.

Common Issues with Aircall

Despite its popularity among business owners around the nation, many long-time users find themselves searching for better Aircall alternatives due to ongoing or frequent issues with the company and the services provided.

Popular complaints among Aircall customers  include:

  • Overpriced services
  • Complicated, difficult-to-understand billing
  • Poor customer service 
  • Frequent call disruption
  • Poor integration with Hubspot 
  • And more.

If you are experiencing these or other issues and searching for an Aircall alternative that can improve communication, increase productivity, and maximize efficiency within your organization, it’s time to contact Votacall. 

What makes Votacall one of the best Aircall alternatives on the market? Our user-friendly, reliable service, competitive and transparent pricing, and 24/7 U.S.-based customer support team allow us to stand out from competitors and make us one of the highest-rated phone service providers in the country.

Reliable Service  - Nothing is more frustrating than an important call being dropped or other difficulties with your professional phone service, such as poor integration with Hubspot and other necessary software that leads to disruption and inconsistent, unreliable service for your customers. Luckily, Votacall’s reliable, user-friendly services will ensure you never miss an important call again. 

Transparent Pricing - Votacall offers its services at a lower cost than many competitors nationwide. Additionally, we offer customers highly detailed billing and schedule detailed bill reviews with new customers to ensure that everyone using our services understands exactly what they are paying for. 

We Do Bill Reviews! - As a Votacall Customer we want you to fully understand and be comfortable with your monthly invoice. To accomplish this, we do bill reviews. How does it work? Your first bill doesn't just get blindly sent to you via email. We hold the first bill, and our Votacall Billing Concierge schedules a call to review the first bill and all of the charges. Additionally, we encourage our customers to reach out to schedule a bill review whenever there is a question. If we make a mistake, you better believe we fix it.

24/7 U.S. Based Customer Support - Should you experience any issues with Votacall’s services or you have questions on functionality or training needs, our designated U.S.-based customer support team is available 24/7 to address anything and everything. We hate support tennis so our support squad has no problem picking up the phone and having a conversation in order to resolve a request.

If you’re a business owner searching for Aircall alternatives to streamline communication and maximize productivity within your organization, contact Votacall! Click here to learn more about our services or to book a free product demonstration.

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