Benefits of Microsoft Hosted Exchange to Your Employees

March 12, 2015


To date, Microsoft is the leader of technology in messaging platforms. Utilizing Votacall's Hosted Microsoft Exchange, businesses can make the most of Microsoft's cloud-based business platform without putting extra strain on the company's budget or IT department.

The time and expense of running and maintaining an Exchange Server in-house can easily become too much for any company. When you rely on a hosted version, you gain all of the benefits without draining your IT resources. Votacall can customize the solution to your corporate email requirements.

Votacall’s Microsoft Hosted Exchange service includes outstanding benefits for your employees, which translates into higher productivity and efficiency for your organization overall:

Multiple Access Options

Users can access their hosted Microsoft Exchange account from Microsoft Outlook on Windows, web browsers, or through Microsoft Entourage on the Mac. This easy connection allows users to quickly access email, calendar, and any other data from virtually any desktop, laptop, network, or device.


Aside from desktop and web browser-based platforms, a hosted Microsoft Exchange account can also be accessed using iPhones and other devices. This is a critical feature, since mobility plays an important role in today's world.

Platform Synchronization

A key benefit of hosted Microsoft Exchange is automatic synchronization. For example, users can create an appointment on their desktop calendar and it will immediately appear on their mobile device.

Remote Access

Mobility, the ability to access email, etc on the go is important. However, real mobility - being able to work from anywhere- is more than a business perk, it is a necessity for telecommuters, or traveling staff. Hosted Microsoft Exchange allows everyone in your company to have access to their email, schedules, and client information from home, on the road, or a client’s office. Users who are traveling or relying on shared networks, and cannot access Outlook, can use Outlook Web Access.

There is a considerable amount of versatility for mobile users. Hosted Microsoft Exchange supports remote access from desktops, laptops, and tablets. Cellular devices are also included.


One of the key benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange is the security tools. Microsoft offers users protection by hosting data in data centers with continuous backup and recovery capabilities. Microsoft Forefront Online Protection is engaged on the provider’s end to prevent spam and viruses. This prevents the need for additional software purchases that need to be monitored and maintained.

By choosing Hosted Microsoft Exchange with Votacall, clients receive all the functionality and features of the Exchange environment without the added difficulty of maintaining an in-house infrastructure.

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