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Hosted VoIP FAQ: Managed VoIP vs Unmanaged VoIP

Andy DeAngelis
July 7, 2016

Not all VoIP is equal, in fact the long term performance and your overall VoIP customer experience will vary drastically depending upon a single word...Managed or Unmanaged.

A Hosted VoIP Phone System can be your greatest business ally or foe.  In theory, one of the major values of a Hosted VoIP Phone System is that it should be the last communication decision you ever have to make.

How do you make the theoretical, a reality?  

Understand the difference between Managed VoIP and Unmanaged VoIP.  

Check out the Hosted VoIP FAQ infographic on Managed VoIP which details in plain english the difference between Managed and Unmanaged VoIP.


Before you make a decison based on price, know what questions to ask the VoIP Provider and in doing so, fully understand what you are getting your business into.

Business Communications have dramataically changed in the last few years, in fact because of the Cloud, VoIP Phone Systems are on a constant evolutionary track.  The innovative nature of the technology should be a major business advantage.  Get the knowledge that proves this to be true.

For more information on Hosted VoIP.....

....check out our Hosted VoIP Buyers Guide below.


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