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How Hosted VoIP is a Must-Have for Business Disaster Recovery

June 30, 2017


the-disaster-recovery-features-of-a-hosted-voip-phone-system.jpgBusinesses often do not realize the importance of a disaster recovery plan until it is too late. Businesses that plan for a disruption, often times do not skip an operational beat. Having a clear and concise plan saves businesses from loss of revenue, information and, what should be most concerning, the loss of clients to competitors. The recovery process is where Hosted VoIP and Cloud technology is a game-changer for businesses.

How is the Process Made Easier?

Anyone who has ever experienced a disaster within a business knows the frustration and the setbacks that come with it; the loss of information, functionality, and communication. Here are some examples of how these setbacks are avoided:

  • The basic disaster recovery functionality that the Cloud provides ensures that employee productivity will not become stagnant due to a lack of access to the information they neprotect-your-business-add-data-backup-to-voip-disaster-recovery-plan.jpged.
  • Communication is made easy in the recovery process when businesses choose to move voice to the Cloud via a Hosted VoIP phone system due to flexibility that features like call routing can provide.
  • Voicemail, Contacts, Fax and Call Information are all safe when the Hosted VoIP system your business is using a quality Cloud Solution Provider.
  • With the power of the Cloud, recovering your precious information can be done with ease from whatever device available.
  • Regardless of the condition of the office, employees will be able to easily access their tools that help them do their job from wherever, eliminating the possibility of getting behind schedule.


How Do Hosted VoIP Systems and Cloud Technology Compare to Other Systems?

Hosted systems are much safer and vastly superior to a traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems for various reasons:

  • During the event of a disaster, a traditional PBX system doesn’t allow employees to access their phones and information the way a Hosted VoIP system does.
  • A traditional PBX system may not even have dial tone in the event of a large storm or power outages, while a Hosted VoIP system will be operating to its full capabilities.
  • During a catastrophe, a Hosted VoIP system gives the option to employees to work from where they are safe to do so.
  • The abilities of Hosted VoIP systems are possible by the diverse locations of servers, allowing for the system to always be operational, no matter where a disruption may occur.

The Cloud is the Safe Option

Fire, network failure, weather related incidents or malware attacks are a just a handful of the many disruptions a business can face. A Hosted VoIP phone system is the step in the right direction for businesses to dodge any catastrophe. With its various features like call routing, video and web conferencing and reconfiguration capacity, no matter what the circumstance the Hosted VoIP system keeps employees in-touch and ready to work from anywhere with their mobile device. 

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A disruption can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Do not hesitate to protect your business, and keep your employees working from anywhere. To learn more about how you can protect your business from a disaster, get in touch with the experts at Votacall today for the fully managed VoIP system to keep your business operating.


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