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How to Engage Remote Employees Through Hosted VoIP Phones

April 4, 2016

VoIP PhonesA growing number of businesses -- from new start-ups to established multinational enterprises -- are using remote employees so they can reduce overhead and operational costs, boost results, and profoundly increase the size of their talent pool. In fact, many thriving businesses today are “100% virtual” from day one, with team members spread across the state, country and world. 

Naturally, technology plays a key role in making the relationship work and experience successful for both businesses and remote employees – and hosted VoIP phones should definitely be at the top of the “must have” technology list. Below we highlight the 4 key reasons why:

  1. Rapid Onboarding

With hosted VoIP, there’s no waiting period for phone companies to lay cable and install lines. Remote employees can literally be up and running within minutes through their VoIP phone or smartphone (either employer supplied or personal/BYOD).

  1. Full System Access

To be productive and successful, remote employees need the same tools and solutions as in-house employees. Hosted VoIP delivers on this fundamental requirement by empowering remote employees with full system access. They can also access CRM and ERP applications, just like their in-house colleagues.

  1. Customer-Facing Features

When it comes to impressing customers and managing their perceptions, businesses don’t want their remote employees to look like remote employees. Hosted VoIP supports this goal by delivering a suite of powerful customer-facing features that create consistency between in-house and remote teams, including: one-number service: direct-in-dial, video conferencing, and the option to display the main business phone number on a customer’s caller ID regardless of where remote employees are calling from.

  1. Seamless Scalability 

As noted above, a key reason for using remote employees is that it’s less expensive than hiring in-house – especially for businesses in cities where commercial real estate prices are very (or prohibitively) high.

Hosted VoIP supports this cost-saving mandate by scaling up or down based on a business’s changing needs. New licenses and (if desired) certified VoIP phones can be affordably purchased as rosters increase, and existing licenses can expire as rosters decrease. This type of seamless scalability is impossible and unheard of with traditional phone systems.

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