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Why the Insurance Industry is Switching to VoIP Phone Systems

November 29, 2017

VoIP phone systemContrary to its reputation as being an IT laggard instead of an early adopter, in recent years the insurance industry has been a leader in adopting and exploiting leading-edge technology solutions such as Big Data Analytics, telematics, and IoT (i.e. pulling various data sets from vehicles to identify and reward compliant drivers).

In addition, there is another transformative technology that the insurance industry is embracing, because it enables agencies to reduce costs, improve client service, and ultimately do more for less: VoIP phone systems. Below, we highlight the key reasons why.

1. Total Mobility 

In the insurance world, “missing a call” can have serious financial consequences. For example, clients who need to make a claim are typically stressed and require urgent support, while those who want to purchase insurance or update their policy don’t appreciate leaving voicemail after voicemail.

VoIP phone systems enable total mobility, so that agents can connect with clients, colleagues and other callers anytime, anywhere via their office phone, smartphone, desktop phone (e.g. “softphone), home office landline, or any other number — anywhere in the world.

What’s more, callers don’t have to memorize multiple numbers (e.g. office, cell, after-hours, etc.). They simply call one number, and the VoIP phone system automatically directs it based on customized routing rules (which can be easily and quickly changed at any time).

2. Faster Response Times

There are times when routing calls to voicemail is unavoidable. With a traditional phone system, agents must call in to get messages — which could mean they miss critical opportunities to deliver exceptional client experience.

However, VoIP phone systems feature voicemail-to-email, which lets agents pick-up messages while on-the-go. At the same time, this feature automatically creates an audio recording that can be stored and shared as desired. 

3. Seamless Scalability

With a traditional landline phone system, adding lines is costly — and for smaller agencies, it can be unjustifiable or prohibitive.

VoIP phone systems are designed for scalability. Adding additional numbers/extensions takes a matter of seconds, is remarkably affordable, and can be on managed completely online via a secure web dashboard. In a similar light, reducing capacity is just as easy, which means that agencies aren’t forced to pay for numbers/extension that they no longer need (however, if that changes, re-adding them in the future is always possible).

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To learn more about why the insurance industry — which is characterized by thoughtful deliberation and intense due diligence before adopting a new technology! — is embracing VoIP phone systems, contact the Votacall team today. Your consultation is free.

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