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Winter Weather Affecting Productivity? Make the Switch to Business VoIP

January 9, 2017

winter_weather_affecting_produtivity.jpgIf your business is located in a part of the country where winter weather is not merely a “chill in the evening air,” but rather poses the constant threat of everything from a blizzard to an ice storm, then you may have noticed something rather unusual that happens this time of year.  

On the one hand, your employees may be staying a bit (or in some cases rather a lot) longer at work, and even cutting their lunch and break times without being asked or encouraged to do so. Yet instead of getting more done, ironically they are getting LESS done. What is going on behind the scenes to cause this strange disconnect? According to a study highlighted on, the culprit is none other than Old Man Winter himself.

That is, employees spend more time indoors – and hence, in the office – during the winter because they are warming up their cars, eating in the lunchroom vs. going out and facing the elements, trying to avoid traffic and so on. Even some smokers are opting to puff faster -- or even forgo their tobacco time out -- because it is preferable to standing outside in the freezing wind and cold.

However, this added time in the office is not necessarily translating into getting more done. In fact, the study found that a whopping 71% of employees admitted that their productivity actually drops in the winter, and plummets even further as soon as it starts getting dark outside.

Fortunately, there is a technology-led solution that helps employees boost their productivity during winter and throughout the year: a business VoIP phone system. Here are the 3 key reasons why:

1. Employees Can Work Remotely

Snowy, icy, and cold levels that rival the Arctic Circle (or at least seem like it with the wind chill!) are all reasons why some employees have a hard time getting into high gear; or in some cases, getting their car into high gear so they can get to work on time in the first place!

A business VoIP phone system is built to support remote employees and distributed teams. From any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device, employees can instantly access all of the advanced communication and calling functions they need -- wherever they are, including a home office.

2. Disaster Recovery Keeps the System Operational

Power outages and intermittent -- but frustrating and inconvenient – brownouts are common in winter, as aging utility grids struggle to handle the surge in demand for electricity. At the same time, ice and snow storms invariably cause downed power lines that lead to service disruptions.  

However, unlike a conventional landline phone system, a VoIP phone system uses a geographically dispersed cloud-based infrastructure. As such, the system is unaffected by local power outages. That means calls can be routed to another office, and/or employees can continue using the system through via an app on their smartphone.

3. Customizable Greetings and IVRs Keep Customers Informed 

Sometimes, Old Man Winter does indeed get the upper hand, and it is impossible for all employees to make their way into work. For example, roads may be closed, traffic may be backed up for hours, or it simply may not be safe for employees to commute.

As noted above, the remote working features of business VoIP can mitigate, if not in some cases eliminate, the productivity drop that this situation would otherwise cause. But there is another aspect that can definitely be part of the solution: customizable greetings and IVRs.

Both of these features allow businesses to keep customers informed on any staffing roster changes that arise due to inclement weather or dangerous driving conditions. For example, customers can be advised that meetings on a certain day or time frame will be need to be re-scheduled, that the office is temporary closed to the public, and so on. And IVRs can route callers to other locations or an off-site call center vs. leaving voicemails, or getting frustrated with a lack of response and heading to a competitor.

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