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VoIP Providers Must Own Their Cloud Servers to Become Successful

October 24, 2012

10/24/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- When it comes to Hosted VoIP Providers, you must enlist one that owns their own servers and data centers. Without owning their own servers, there is zero chance a company can guarantee their service. At Votacall, we own several servers across the United States and can guarantee our service will never fail. Some companies do not understand that customers put lots of faith in them, meaning they should return that trust by delivering the best possible service available to the industry.

Because we have more than 1 server, even if one fails we are able to switch service over to the other one without crashing. This creates peace of mind to users, knowing that no failure will result in their system crashing. When customers switch over to VoIP, they want some confidence from the provider that their service will be strong and of great quality. Here at Votcall, we can have a Reliable Managed Service that offers the best service within the industry. Call Quality is very important to us, in order to avoid those dropped calls that most premise-based systems often offer.

VoIP offers a far different system than the old genesis ones. By being able to own their servers, they can guarantee the customer will get the exact service they sign a contract for. Without those servers, the service could not be definite and customers would be hard to come by. Like I stated in my last blog, customer loyalty is crucial to success within this industry. Therefore, because of the servers our company owns and the quality we offer, we maintain a strong customer base.

In the end, customers allow everything to happen and business to continue. Basically it is essential to maintain your own servers because this keeps customers happy. Ultimately when customers are happy, business is good. Therefore, in the long run, you must keep them happy by maintaining the services they desire; whether that's owning your own servers or keeping Call Quality High.

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