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Communications Solutions: 3 Reasons Why VoIP is Ideal for a Mobile, Tech-Savvy Workforce

October 27, 2017

VoIPThese days, enterprises in all sectors — including relatively traditional and conventional spaces like insurance, education, healthcare and government — are searching for communications solutions that help them recruit, engage and retain a mobile, tech-savvy workforce; not just to handle current needs, but to well-positioned to address future challenges. And a major piece of communications solutions puzzle is, not surprisingly, a hosted VoIP phone system. 

Here are the 3 key reasons why VoIP is ideal for today and tomorrow’s mobile, tech-savvy workforce:

1. The Freedom to Move vs. Being “Chained to their Desk”

VoIP gives all employees — whether they work in-house, on-site, in the field or from remote/home offices — the freedom to move and connect with colleagues, customers or any other party anytime, and anywhere.

For example, they can use their desktop/laptop as a softphone, install a designated VoIP phone at their location, forward calls to any number in the world, or access the system through their smartphone. Instead of being “chained to their desk,” workers, contactors, consultants and all other authorized users are empowered to work anytime, anywhere.

2. Access to a Wide Range of Advanced Collaboration Tool

Today’s mobile, tech-savvy workers understand that collaboration is not just a best practice or a good idea: it is essential for career success and, in the long-run, career survival!

VoIP gives these workers a wide range of advanced collaboration tools that are as close as their computer or smartphone, including: video conferencing, instant messaging, conference calling (with a handful or dozens of attendees), access to group calendars, real-time status updates (e.g. available, busy, on a call, etc.), and more. Instead of searching for information and answers, workers are always in the loop — which is good news for everyone, including customers. 

3. High-Tech, Low Touch

While mobile, tech-savvy workers are certainly capable of navigating complex systems and handling multifaceted tasks, this does not mean that they crave difficulty. On the contrary, many of them embrace ease, and want (if not insist!) that communications solutions be high-tech, but low-touch.

VoIP perfectly fits this formula because while the system is leading edge — especially compared to conventional copper wire phone systems, which essentially uses technology from the 1900s — the user experience is intuitive and simplified. This means instead of toiling away reading user guides or submitting help desk tickets, workers can take advantage of advanced features, and do more with less.

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