11 Key Advantages that VoIP Phones Bring to Multi-Level Retail Businesses

Posted by Andy DeAngelis on Aug 15, 2017 11:00:00 AM
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VoIP PhonesRetailers that rely on conventional landline phone systems discover a truth that is more than merely inconvenient when they want to expand into multiple locations: it is flat-out frustrating, because it both slows down their growth plans to a crawl and increases the costs by thousands of dollars. Instead of being a legitimate business solution, they realize that their phone system is a major obstacle. Fortunately, that is where VoIP phones enter the picture and make a transformative difference.

With VoIP phones, retailers are permanently liberated from wired phone connections — which means expanding into new locations, or expanding their current space, is seamless, efficient and most importantly: easily scalable and extremely affordable.

Here are the 11 key advantages that VoIP phones bring to multi-level retail businesses, and why a growing number are leaving conventional phone systems behind and heading to the cloud as quickly as possible:

  1. All locations and users — including field sales reps and any other remote or at-home worker — are connected as part of a centralized, unified phone system.
  2. All inter-location calling is free, regardless of whether users are in the same city, state or country.
  3. Retailers can implement a unified dialing plan across multiple locations.
  4. There’s no need to install new lines when opening a new location — just switch on the VoIP phones, connect them to the system, and they start working immediately.
  5. Users can answer any incoming call from any location.
  6. All users can see when their colleagues are logged into the system and what their status is (e.g. available, on the phone, busy, etc.).
  7. Managers can set up ring groups and hunt groups across multiple locations (ring groups designate specific phones to ring concurrently, while hunt groups designate specific phones to ring in succession).
  8. Users can share a number or have their own specific number.
  9. Transferring calls between locations is effortless and seamless — callers experience no disruption and have no idea that they may have just been speaking to someone in another area.
  10. It’s fast and easy to create auto-attendants and call distribution groups to guide callers to the right person.
  11. All users can take advantage of voicemail-to-email in order to get information faster and be more responsive.

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