3 Metrics that Staffing Agencies Can Track with a Hosted VoIP Phone System

Posted by Ed Lennon - 12 October, 2017

hosted VoIP phone systemWhile increasing efficiency and improving performance are important in all industries and sectors, it is mission-critical in the staffing world where time is always of the essence, and where over-promising and under-delivering is a formula for self-destruction. 

Indeed, whether they’re managing candidates or engaging clients, staffing agencies can’t assume, guess or hope that they’re firing on all operational and administrative cylinders. They must KNOW. And that’s where a hosted VoIP phone system enters the picture — and changes the game. 

With a hosted VoIP phone system, staffing agencies can easily capture a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time, and generate reports that drive faster, smarter decisions on everything from resource allocation to training. Here are three metrics in particular that help elevate staffing agencies from competitive to marketplace-leading:

1. Calls by Phone Number or Extension

A VoIP phone system enables staffing agencies to capture calls received/made by phone number/extension, in order to ensure that both people and technology are allocated and utilized effectively. For example, over a period of time an individual or team may be receiving an unexpectedly high number of calls. This could mean that adding additional staff would improve service and performance levels.

2. Average Duration Per Call

As all thriving staffing agencies know, success is not based on the number of transactions: it is based on the strength of relationships! As such, investing quality time to communicate with both candidates and clients is vital. Yet with this being said, it can be — and often is — a red flag when individuals or teams spend an excessive amount of time on the phone.   

For example, some clients may not fully understand what is (and what is not!) included in their service level agreement, and may be leaning on staffing agencies to, in essence, serve as their outsourced HR department. By tracking average duration per call, managers and leader would be alerted to this problem — because they would see that employees were spending too much time on calls — and could therefore follow-up to close the information gap.  

3. Call Center Reporting Metric: Right Party Connects (RPC)

RPC refers to the proportion of calls that are routed to the right individual or team (e.g. candidates speaking with recruiters, clients speaking with sales or account executives, etc.).  By optimizing this metric, staffing agencies can improve service and satisfaction levels.

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At Votacall, we have in-depth experience helping staffing agencies take full advantage of an advanced hosted VoIP phone system, which includes (but is not limited to) exploiting a full range of metrics and KPIs that improve efficiency, boost performance, and make sure that under-promising and over-delivering is the norm — never the exception!

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