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How VoIP and Salesforce Integration Improves Performance Management

May 9, 2017

VoIP and Salesforce integration improves performance managementOne of the most valuable benefits of VoIP and Salesforce integration is related to performance management, which is the process by which managers and employees (both individuals and teams) work together to boost efficiency, productivity, success and results.

Here are the four key ways that VoIP and Salesforce integration measurably -- and in some cases dramatically -- improves performance management:

1. Get an Accurate Granular-Level View of Performance

VoIP and Salesforce integration automatically captures call data -- including calls made or missed to smartphones that are connected to the system -- in the Salesforce lead or contact record, even if the employee is not logged into Salesforce. As a result, managers get a clear, accurate and comprehensive granular-level view of how individual employees and teams are performing across a variety of metrics and KPI’s, such as number of calls received per day, number of caller hang-ups, average time per call, average waiting time, and so on.

2. Identify the Best Times to Provide Coaching

VoIP and Salesforce integration gives managers a clear overview of when calling activity increases or surges, and when things are typically quieter. Equipped with this valuable data, they can schedule coaching sessions accordingly. And while it is not a performance management function, it is worth pointing out that this same data is extremely useful for helping managers make accurate staffing and assignment-related decisions. They can clearly see when additional resources are needed to handle higher caller volumes, and when it makes sense to have a smaller team available.

3. Identify Skills Gaps and Provide Training

VoIP and Salesforce integration helps managers identify skills gaps at the individual employee and team levels. For example, if managers identify that an excessive number of customers are calling repeatedly about a product issue (thanks to closed loop analytics), they can work with their colleagues in product development, marketing, sales or technical services to provide training and close the skills gap. Making employees more knowledgeable about current and anticipated customer issues increases first call resolution rates, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

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