4 Reasons Why Small Law Firms are Switching to Hosted VoIP

March 17, 2017

law firms voipIn the legal field, bigger is not necessarily better; at least when it comes to law firm size. Indeed, for every powerhouse law enterprise, there are hundreds or in some markets thousands of smaller firms that deliver excellent client results – and often with enhanced personal service and for much lower price. 

However, small law firms cannot afford to look or act like they lack the resources and reach of the “big boys.” And that is why a growing number or small firms in all practice areas – family law, personal injury, patent, criminal, intellectual property and the list goes on -- have already made the switch to hosted VoIP. Here are the 4 key advantages: 

1. Advanced Calling Features

Hosted VoIP is perfect for small law firms because it provides them with a full range of advanced calling features – but at a fraction of the price with a landline system. These features include (but are not limited to) voicemail-to-email, voicemail-to-text, one-number-service, direct-in-dial, video conferencing, call forwarding, customizable voicemail, auto-attendant, and more.

2. Dramatic Cost Savings

Small law firms need to deliver enterprise-grade service, but obviously not at an enterprise-grade cost. Hosted VoIP perfectly fits this requirement by delivering dramatic and ongoing cost savings vs. a conventional landline system. These savings are driven in a number of areas, including: no hardware or software to purchase or maintain, no long distance fees, no added IT support costs, and reduced/eliminated travel costs (due to video conferencing), and the list goes on.

3. Extended Marketplace

With a conventional landline phone system, setting up local numbers across a wide geographic area can be excessively expensive. However, with a hosted VoIP system, it’s surprisingly affordable. As such, small firms with one or two offices can extend their marketplace, and have multiple phone numbers that all feed into the same system. Or, they can setup vanity toll-free numbers (e.g. 1-888-LAW-HELP) that can be dialed by current and prospective clients across the state, country or worldwide.

4. Business Continuity

One of the most alarming experience for clients – and one that often has them wondering if they need to switch to a larger firm -- is when they try and reach their legal team, and find that the number is “temporary unavailable.” Unfortunately, this is what happens when law firms rely on their local phone company to keep them on the grid. Anything from a short brownout to a prolonged blackout can take the entire system offline. However, hosted VoIP uses multiple strategies to maintain 99.99% uptime, including leveraging a geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure. What’s more, calls can be automatically forwarded to smartphones, which ensures business continuity when local systems go down for any reason. 

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