How Salesforce VoIP Integration Delivers More ROI to Your Business

March 22, 2017

Salesforce VoIP integration ROIWhen it comes to purchasing the right business solutions, decision-makers need to focus on a variety of issues and factors. However, the most important by far is captured by a three-letter acronym that makes all the difference between an investment that is rewarding vs. one that is regrettable: ROI. That is where Salesforce VoIP integration enters the picture and makes a substantial improvement to the bottom-line.  

Below, we highlight the 3 key ways how Salesforce VoIP integration delivers more ROI:

1. Using Closed Loop Analytics to Optimize Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

One of the biggest challenges with marketing and advertising campaign, is that tracking results and determining ROI is notoriously difficult; and in some cases, simply impossible. This doesn’t mean that such spends are a total waste of money. But often,  there is very little – if any – reliable quantitative data to support whether the investment was smart and strategic, and should be repeated in the future.

With Salesforce VoIP integration, businesses can clearly and accurately measure the ROI of marketing and advertising campaigns by leveraging closed-loop analytics. For example, unique phone numbers can be assigned to various campaigns to measure response and conversions. At the same time, businesses can leverage A/B testing to track performance at a granular level.

2. Identify Which Employees are Performing Well – and Which Need Coaching or Training

Often, the biggest line item in a business budget is not technology: it is staff. However, it can be challenging to track performance in an ongoing manner, and avoid identifying problems or issues only after the emerge and start to cause financial damage.

With Salesforce VoIP integration, businesses can create a set of customized metrics and KPIs to track, measure and analyze employee performance (e.g. time per call, number of customers served per shift, etc.). This is not just valuable for assessing individuals, but is also valuable for establishing business-wide best practices.

3. Smarter and Faster Decision Making

Last but certainly not least, Salesforce itself is a significant -- though certainly worthwhile -- investment. By integrating their Salesforce implementation with VoIP, businesses empower themselves with a wealth of strategic data that supports faster and smarter decision-making. For example, businesses can instantly see in real-time what leads or customers have not called within the last 30 days (or any other duration), if technical information provided online is reducing customer support calls (and if so, to what degree), and so on.

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To learn more about leveraging the bottom-line advantages of Salesforce VoIP integration in your business, contact the Votacall team today. We will provide you with a guided tour of the acclaimed Salesforce for Votacall mobile app, which empowers your employees to be more productive, efficient and customer-centric, and elevates your business’s competitive advantage and results to the next level.

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