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3 Ways Hosted VoIP Phone Systems Scale With Your Business

Andy DeAngelis
November 27, 2015

3-ways-voip-phone-systems-scale-with-your-businessHow we do business is in a constant state of evolution with no sign of slowing down. The harsh reality: businesses who can’t adapt to this new climate will go the way of the dinosaurs.

It's not a threat - just a warning that your business needs to be agile and responsive to change because it’s essential for both short-term success and long-term survival.

Take your business communications, for example, and ask yourself, “Does my Business Phone System help or hinder my organization?”

This question will most likely not yield a simple one or two word answer because, at the end of the day, anything can be justified. So, let’s alter the question to get a more simple answer, “Is your Business Communications tools and technology scalable?”

For long term success, businesses need to be able to answer this question, otherwise being able to grow and/or change will lead to show-stopping problems.

Scalability is essential to adaptation, and unfortunately it’s a big problem for a traditional phone system. Logically, traditional phone systems are hardware driven and hardware is simply not agile; it’s fixed. Therefore, if your technology is considered fixed, then your business will be fixed.

Adding Scalability to Your Business Phone System

Traditional phone systems aren’t designed to be agile and respond to business expansion or contraction. Indeed, that’s why phone companies impose contracts that outright block changes or impose punitive fees. So yes, your business can change, but your traditional phone system won’t -- at least, not without a hefty price tag for a new phone system and/or the cancellation fees associated with your phone service.

On the other hand, Hosted VoIP phone systems are fundamentally designed to scale with your business in 3 major ways.

3 Ways a Hosted VolP Phone System Adds Scalability to Your Business

1. VoIP Phone Systems Support Your On-Site Workforce

Hosted VoIP phone systems use an affordable “pay as you grow” model that allows you to add new lines, services and calling features as you on-board new hires. There are no excessive up-front costs, upgrades or technician visits. You can start with as few as 5 employees and expand well beyond 5000 simply by adding VoIP phones and licensing.

In the same way, if you opt to contract your on-site workforce – perhaps because you’re streamlining operations, cutting costs, moving operations out of town or country, etc. - VoIP phone systems efficiently scale down as needed.

2. VoIP Phone Systems Support New Locations

One of the costliest and often the most tedious and time consuming aspects of expanding into new locations is contacting the phone company to add new lines. Not only are you forced to wait days or even weeks, but the costs are immense.

Contrast this with Hosted VoIP phone systems, which let you rapidly, easily and very cost-effectively add lines for your new location, but as extensions to your current system. Plus, you can continue doing this with every new location you open. It’s a benefit of VoIP scalability that isn’t just difficult with traditional phone systems - it’s outright impossible. 

3. Hosted VoIP Phone Systems Support Your Mobile Workforce

Many of your employees – if not all of them – don’t need or want to work at their on-site workstation all day, every day. Rather, they want to work while in transit, from their home office, on-site with a customer, while traveling, and so on. This is particularly the case with your executives and leaders, and of course your sales force.

A Hosted VoIP phone system is ideal for your entire mobile workforce – from your road warriors, to your remote workers, to your business travelers and the list goes on. It keeps everyone efficient, productive and connected, regardless of whether they’re located across the city or on the other side of the world.

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