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How VoIP Disaster Recovery Maintains Communication During an Emergency

November 25, 2015

how-voip-disaster-recovery-maintains-communication-during-an-emergencyOn today’s business landscape where 24/7 uptime is the norm and non-stop communication is expected, the importance of business continuity during emergencies isn’t just important: it’s essential. 

And naturally, this requirement extends to your VoIP business phone system, which your team relies on no matter where or when they’re working.

At the same time, your executives and managers need to access system features at all times – especially during a crisis. 

With this in mind, let's look at how Votacall’s VoIP hosted platform and state-of-the-art technology handles our customers’ business communication during emergencies: 

Votacall VoIP Disaster Recovery and Redundancy Measures

  • Since we're 100% carrier neutral, our customers have the option of installing a secondary data connection from a diverse carrier. As such, if the bandwidth they're using to power their VoIP phone system goes down in an emergency, the automatic failover response will keep the system fully operational and functional. 
  • Our vANA (Virtual Autonomous Network Aggregation) bonds connections from diverse carriers. As a result, our customers benefit from automatic failover response if their bandwidth connection fails due to an emergency, or because of any other issue.
  • We maintain a geographically diverse cloud infrastructure, which means that in the event of an emergency such as severe weather or a natural disaster, our customers maintain total control over their VoIP phone system and all aspects (setup, call control, features, etc.). Local conditions have no impact on accessibility or functionality.   

Votacall E911 Service 

Though not necessarily related to an emergency like a natural disaster, another aspect of our commitment to helping our customers stay connected and safe during emergencies is the Votacall E911 Service. Through this service – which is mandatory and built into all of our plans -- our customers can access appropriate emergency services by dialing 911, just as they would from a traditional landline phone or cell phone. 

Ideally, our customers will never find it necessary to access the Votacall E911 service. However, if it’s required due to an accident, injury, threat or other scenario, then our customers have the peace of mind in knowing that access to emergency services is just a phone call away.

The Bottom Line 

At Votacall, we understand as clearly as our customers that maintaining business communication during emergencies is an essential priority – not just with respect to maintaining productivity and providing customer service, but in terms of keeping employees safe and secure. 

To learn more about how Votacall is on your side when it comes to reliability, continuity and support, contact our  VoIP experts today and schedule your free consultation.

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