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Is a Hosted VoIP Phone System Reliable Enough For My Business?

November 24, 2015

is-a-voip-phone-system-reliable-enough-for-my-businessAt Votacall, our customers are impressed – in fact, they’re astonished – when they “do the math” and discover that the cost savings of switching from a traditional landline phone system to a hosted VoIP phone system isn’t just a matter of a few hundred dollars per year - it’s well into the thousands.

Plus, the dramatic cost savings don’t come to an end after a year or two - they’re ongoing and keep adding up year after year. 

However, our customers also have an important question to answer before they make the switch and start reaping the benefits and savings: “Is a VoIP phone system reliable enough for my business?” 

This is actually one of our favorite questions to answer, because it gives us the opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings that exist in the marketplace. 

The short answer is unquestionably and definitively YES! A VoIP phone system is reliable enough for your business. 

And to help explain the answer a bit deeper, let's dive into the 3 key levels of reliability that make VoIP phone systems ideal for any business environment, from small organizations to large enterprises: 

The 3 Most Reliable Functions of a VoIP Phone System

1. Call Quality 

VoIP phone system call quality is exceptional and uses certified VoIP phones, managed routers and business broadband to deliver both crystal clear audio and reliable connectivity.  

2. Functions & Features

VoIP phone systems offer a full range of reliable functions and features that aren’t just “as good as” landline phone systems, but far superior. For example, VoIP phone systems offer video conferencing, desktop sharing, calendaring, interactive voice response (IVR), instant messaging, voicemail-to-text, enhanced collaboration, call forwarding to any number (including cell phones) and one-number service which is perfect for BYOD users. 

3. Business Continuity 

VoIP phone systems use multiple levels of redundancy to ensure business continuity in the event of a power outage. These levels include: automatic switching to a secondary data connection; Virtual Autonomous Network Aggregation that provides failover response by bonding multiple connections into a single pipeline; and a geographically disperse cloud infrastructure that supports continuous uptime if there’s a local power outage anywhere in the world where users happen to be at the time. 

The Bottom Line 

As you can see, VoIP phone systems do more than just help your business save thousands of dollars each year; they deliver superior reliability that your business can depend on, year after year. 

To learn more about the advantages of switching to a hosted VoIP phone system, contact us today

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