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4 Benefits to Utilizing Call Tracking and VoIP

July 24, 2018

call tracking and voipSome upgrades don’t make a big impact. Even if your business spends a huge chunk of capital on a new software or program, it doesn’t guarantee that it will improve the way your company operates. And there really is nothing worse than shelling out a significant cash investment on new tech that doesn’t deliver the goods. Fortunately, combining call-tracking methods with your business VoIP system will provide tangible advantages for your marketing, sales, and public relations departments. In short, call tracking and VoIP work seamlessly together. Here are four benefits you can expect to see when you focus on call-tracking techniques for your VoIP system:

Dedicated Customer Attention

Not all business owners are aware of the bevy of metrics that VoIP and Hosted Call Center systems offer on their own. Indeed, managers can track vital performance details like first-call resolution rates (FCR) and right party connections (RPC) with VoIP. Measuring the effectiveness of your team and phone system to 1) send consumers to the right internal department, and 2) resolve their issue without having to transfer them or put them on hold can help management improve the way their staff conducts business. Remember, the more smoothly you can handle a customer’s call, the more likely you’ll retain/gain their loyalty.

Efficient Sales Processes

In addition to improving the way your team members interact with each other, VoIP call tracking metrics can also let business owners know how well their sales team interacts with interested leads. With VoIP technology, managers and owners can monitor response time and call duration –– thus ensuring they know how quickly and efficiently their sales team accepts and concludes business calls. Chances are, you know how long the optimal sales call should last for your business –– and with VoIP you can work with your team to reach that ideal length and maximize conversion rates.

Increased Data with CRM Integration

VoIP systems are designed for adaptability, dependability, and scalability. So when you make the switch to VoIP, you can rest easy knowing that when you’re ready to up your game, your VoIP system will be good to go. As such, integrating VoIP with a CRM like Salesforce is a fantastic option for business owners looking to take their marketing and sales efforts to the next level. When a business owner combines their VoIP system with their CRM, their employees will gain access a host of quantitative analytics and customer-related data whenever they need to answer or make a phone call.

Call-Tracking Software Ready

As mentioned above, VoIP systems are extremely flexible and enable businesses to implement additional software to supplement VoIP activity. One great example is call tracking software that monitors online activity and offline sales calls. If your business markets itself online in conjunction with over-the-phone sales calls, you may want to consider exploring call-tracking solutions. Relax though –– your VoIP system will be ready for anything you throw at it!

Final Thoughts

The amount of call-tracking data you choose to utilize is ultimately up to you. However, only the most sophisticated phone systems will allow business owners every advantage when it comes to call-tracking and phone-call metrics. Contact the Votacall team today when you’re ready to increase your data intake and improve your internal practices. Plus, for more information about all things VoIP, and how to separate myth from fact in regard to advanced phone systems, check out our free eBook here: Debunking Hosted VoIP Myths eBook download 

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