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What is a Session Border Controller?

July 13, 2018

session border controllerThe devil is in the details. If you’ve ever worked on a major project, or completed a long-term assignment, you know this to be true. Often, the success of a large enterprise relies on a series of little things going well. Indeed, the difference between the most successful products and the rest of the field are the minute features that nevertheless make a huge impact. In that same spirit, a Session Border Controller (SBC) provides an integral function for a Hosted VoIP system. Don’t know what an SBC is or what it does? No worries! We’re here to clue you in.

What is an SBC?

In the most technical terms, an SBC is a device that exerts control over phone signals and media streams. Translation: an SBC acts to protect the security of your devices, ensures connections between multiple phone systems, and safeguards audio quality on phone calls. SBCs can be deployed as either a piece of hardware or as a software program, depending on a number of factors. Basically, you can consider an SBC the ultimate quality assurance measure for VoIP phone technology. 

Do I Need an SBC?

Strictly speaking, you don’t need SBC features to operate a VoIP system; just like you don’t need a windshield, seat belt, or air bags to drive a car. The point of an SBC is to prevent your business’s data from being corrupted or stolen. And since many savvy companies integrate their phone systems with their CRM, the threat of stolen data is a serious one for them. What’s more, a large corporation may utilize multiple phone systems at different remote locations. In such an instance, an SBC makes it easy for employees to connect with each other by facilitating calls from different sources. Lastly, any business that uses the phone to close sales or interact with their customers would be well advised to utilize an SBC with their VoIP system. No salesperson or account manager wants to deal with low-quality phone audio or risk a misunderstanding between themselves and a client due to a shoddy connection.

Installing an SBC

Getting nervous about not having an SBC for your phone system? Relax! When you make the switch to Hosted VoIP through Votacall, you’ll get all the technical backing you need in the form of helpful training guides and 24/7 IT support. Rest easy; no matter the issue you’re experiencing, our team of experts will know how to handle it as quickly as possible!

Contact the Pros

Staying informed before you make a major purchase is always a wise decision. When you’re ready to take that next step, make sure to do so with a phone company you can trust. Contact the Votacall team today and we’ll provide you with solutions that can work for your business! Not sure what separates one VoIP provider from another? Then check out our free eBook to help you make the best choice possible for your company: Debunking Hosted VoIP Myths eBook download

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