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Hospitality Technology Upgrades: How VoIP Answers the Call!

July 10, 2018

hospitality technologyThe tourism industry relies on continuity and high-quality service in a more immediate way than businesses operating in other sectors. After all, mistakes happen constantly in the working world. Orders are misplaced at restaurants; an intern forgets to send out an email at a corporate office; construction on a project takes longer than expected. Incidents like these occur every day. However, those working in the hospitality and tourism industry know that mistakes in their field are often magnified. Indeed, it only takes one bad experience to turn a customer’s experience with a hotel, car service, or event completely sour. The good news is, VoIP can help eliminate those costly errors. Here are three ways VoIP provides solutions to hospitality technology issues:

Complete Connectivity

Employees within the hospitality industry need the ability to stay in touch with both customers and coworkers alike. And only VoIP technology can provide that sort of seamless service. When a business switches to VoIP phones, their employees will be able to contact team members operating in remote locations quickly –– thus improving communication and collaboration within the office. Furthermore, employees will gain the added benefit of voicemail-to-email security when handling calls with customers. In other words, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important call or messing up a reservation ever again. Instead, you can rest easy with VoIP.

CRM Integration

More and more hotels, car services, event planners, and theme parks are utilizing CRMs to more accurately glean insights from their customers’ behavior. Additionally, you can integrate a CRM like Salesforce with your VoIP system in order to give your sales and HR teams even more valuable resources to plan and execute customer interactions. From there, you can make more informed decisions based on CRM-VoIP driven data while also improving how your team communicates with leads and customers.

Unmatched Reliability 

The best tech upgrades don’t just get the job done when things are going well; they also manage to answer the bell when trouble strikes. VoIP phone systems are more reliable than their landline counterparts in several ways. To begin with, VoIP systems will remain functional during power outages and severe weather. Plus, VoIP technology is backed up by 24/7 tech support –– to ensure that your business never misses a beat in the case of technical issues. Lastly, VoIP phones offer a number of features, apps, and upgrades that landline systems simply don’t. At the end of the day the most reliable, flexible, and advanced business phone system on the market is VoIP.

The Bottom Line

If your business needs a phone system that can adapt with your progress, then VoIP phones are for you. Also, switching to VoIP offers businesses significant cost-saving opportunities. Save money and upgrade your hospitality technology all at once –– what’s not to love? Contact the Votacall team today to get started. Still not sure if Hosted VoIP is right for your business or industry? Then check out our free eBook and learn the truth behind the myths about phone technology:

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