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4 Integrations Everyone Using VoIP Business Phones Should Utilize

April 6, 2018

voip business phonesHosted VoIP phones offer companies that utilize them a number of benefits on their own. In addition to providing unmatched reliability and improved connectivity at a cost-effective rate, VoIP business phones also allow businesses flexibility with a wide array of integrations. Indeed, you can integrate some of your favorite programs and software with Hosted VoIP phones to help your business run smoother. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on four Integrations that every company –– regardless of industry –– should start using right away:


One of the best ways to begin integrating programs with VoIP is through your CRM. Bringing together VoIP and CRMs like Salesforce will give your business unparalleled access to customer information as well as valuable insight into consumer behavior. Not only will your customer experience improve thanks to a VoIP-CRM integration, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of closed-loop analytics, which well enable you to better create content and tailor services to your customer base.


Far too many businesses struggle to effectively hold web conferences and Skype meetings. However, with a Hosted VoIP and Skype integration, you can eliminate some of the irksome elements of video-chatting, while retaining access to pertinent files, messages, and data at the same time. Bringing VoIP and Skype together will help you streamline the web conference process and make remote collaboration easier and more productive than ever before.

Accounting Software

Virtually every business could benefit from a deeper understanding of their financial situation. And everyone has trouble staying on top of their finances from time to time. So rather than struggling to find critical financial information tucked away deep within an online program, you can bring your accounts to your fingertips with a VoIP integration. You’ll never have to worry about balancing your books again once you combine your accounting software with your VoIP business phone.

VoIP and Email

If you’ve ever missed an important phone call due to a shoddy voicemail function, then you know just how detrimental tech failure can be. The good news is, you won’t ever have to deal with voicemail snafus ever again once you link your VoIP phone with your email. Stay in touch with all of your contacts and get alerts whether you’re on the phone or checking your email. With this VoIP integration, you’ll never be in the dark –– no matter where you are!

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