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VoIP for Franchises: Answers to 6 FAQs

April 11, 2018

voip for franchisesAccording to current statistics, there are over 700,000 franchises in the United States. Indeed, around nine million people find employment through franchises, and it’s likely more companies will turn to franchising to expand their operation in the future. Considering the vastness of franchising a business as an undertaking, it’s natural that owners looking to franchise their establishments will face a myriad of logistical problems. Fortunately, a Hosted VoIP system can help alleviate a number of those internal issues. VoIP for franchises makes perfect sense; and to expand on that point, here are answers to six FAQs regarding VoIP for franchises. A few may just surprise you!

Can VoIP Connect Multiple Locations?

Plain and simple, VoIP systems will help you stay in touch with team members located all across the country. That’s because Hosted VoIP systems enable employees to access files, information, and software apps that can connect them to coworkers, clients, or customers from anywhere. Plus, with VoIP’s unmatched reliability, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important phone call or even losing contact during power outages or severe weather.

Can I Integrate my CRM and Other Software with VoIP?

Of course! Each individual business and franchise invariably has software they know and trust to gauge productivity. And you can integrate your existing CRM with VoIP to seamlessly continue your work –– while also receiving a host of new advantages at the same time!

I Need Local Phone Numbers for Each Location: Can VoIP Provide this Service?

Yes. When you switch over to VoIP, you’ll enjoy the connectivity and service fit for a national company, while still maintaining a strong local presence.

Is VoIP Installation a Hassle?

The last thing franchise owners need to deal with is technology that’s difficult to install and incomprehensible to employees. The great thing about Hosted VoIP installation though, is that it’s straightforward and easy. Plus, it’s a breeze to set up and connect to your existing operations. Rest easy knowing that you can hit the ground running with VoIP phones. 

What About Scalability?

VoIP plans are flexible and allow your business the ability to grow and expand without having to worry about your tech falling short. A Hosted VoIP system can help you get a new location up and running and functioning in-step with every other aspect of your business. Plus, if you ever need to scale back, consolidation with Hosted VoIP isn’t the headache you’d experience with other alternatives; rather, it’s as simple as making a phone call.

How Much Will VoIP Cost?

Every entrepreneur needs to be concerned with the bottom line. But when you switch to a Hosted VoIP system, you won’t have to worry about exorbitant installation costs and annoying call fees. In fact, VoIP is a fantastic and cost-effective alternative to traditional landline systems. Save money and upgrade your tech at the same time? What have you got to lose?

Make the Switch Today

Whether you’re seeking to franchise your establishment, or you’re looking to improve communication between multiple locations, a Hosted VoIP system is the perfect partner to assist your company's development. Contact the Votacall team today to learn how we can help bring unparalleled connectivity to your franchise locations! And for more information on Hosted VoIP systems –– and how to separate fact from fiction –– download our free eBook here:

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