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4 Reasons Why a VoIP Phone System Delivers Unified Communications for Private Schools

April 12, 2016

VoIP phone systemAcross the country, a growing number of private schools -- along with public schools and charter schools -- are using an advanced, cloud-based VoIP phone system to reap the rewards of unified communications (UC). Below, we highlight the most important and impressive advantages:

  1. Enhanced Collaboration

Thanks to a VoIP phone system, school employees (e.g. officials, administrators, teachers, support staff, etc.) can connect in real-time regardless of where parties are located, and collaborate through a preferred and customized mix of telephony, web/video conferencing, email and chat.

  1. Increased Student Focus & Support

A hosted VoIP phone system enables teachers and parents to efficiently and easily connect, so they can work together to focus on student learning needs, issues and goals. Just some of the UC features that drive this advantage include direct-in-dial (i.e. each teacher can have their own unique extension), voicemail-to-email (i.e. teachers can pick up voicemails while on-the-go), mobile apps (i.e. teachers can have calls routed to their smartphone), and so on.

Furthermore, the built-in web/video conferencing capacity of a VoIP phone system is perfect for supporting remote students who may be at home recovering from an illness, on holiday, participating in a school exchange program, and so on.

  1. More Efficient Call Routing 

Schools are incredibly busy organizations that are constantly receiving and re-directing calls – which can put a major strain on resources, and often lead to missed calls and excessive voicemail messages. However, with a VoIP phone system schools can automatically route calls to available staff members – and skip over those who are not logged into the system, are on a break/away from their desk, or are currently on the phone.

What’s more, schools can use auto attendants to deliver specific greetings based on pre-set variables, such as where a call is originating from, the time a call is made, and so on. Schools can also easily change greetings based on specific late-breaking events, such as inclement weather, delayed buses, etc. 

  1. Improved Safety 

Ensuring student and staff safety at all times is the most important priority for schools – without exception. The UC capacity of a VoIP phone system supports this critical objective by allowing school board officials to broadcast messages system-wide during emergencies or unforeseen events. Furthermore, principals, vice principals or other staff can call several (or all) extensions at the same time.

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