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4 Ways that Private Schools Use Hosted VoIP to Communicate Across Campus

March 18, 2016

4-ways-that-private-schools-use-hosted-voip-to-communicate-across-campus.jpgMany private schools are spread out over a campus environment, which can be anywhere from a few acres in size, to dozens of acres. However, while this layout may be optimal for supporting teaching and learning goals, it typically poses major connectivity problems for private schools that use traditional phone systems.

This is because private schools are obliged to connect buildings by laying copper wire, installing Centrex lines that basically function as a call forwarding mechanism, or by installing point-to-point T1 lines. All of these options are very costly. They are also risky, since they limit how private schools can deploy their staff and manage their operations. In this way, they must align with their phone system’s infrastructure vs. the other way around. 

Fortunately, there is a proven alternative that a growing number of private schools are taking advantage of: hosted VoIP. Below, we highlight the 5 key reasons why this is a categorically better solution for campus-wide communication.

  1. Completely Wireless Communication

Hosted VoIP phone systems utilize cloud infrastructure and advanced Internet technologies. As such, communication is completely wireless, and every building on campus is instantly connected at no additional cost.

  1. Quick Call Extensions

With a hosted VoIP phone system, private schools can assign extensions to any end user (e.g. administrator, teacher, operations staff, custodial staff, etc.). This makes communication faster, simpler and easier.

  1. Direct-in-Dial

Private schools are constantly engaging parents to provide them with updates and get their feedback. With a hosted VoIP phone system, private schools can assign a unique “Direct-In-Dial” (DiD) number to each teacher, which allows parents to reach them directly vs. calling the main office switchboard. This not only streamlines communication, but is highly appreciated by parents who have the peace of mind in knowing that their child’s teacher is a direct phone call away.

  1. Total Mobility 

The connectivity advantages of a hosted VoIP phone system are not restricted or limited to on-campus calling. End users can simply install a free app on their smartphone (either personal or supplied by the private school), and make or receive calls over the system.

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To learn more about the ways that private schools are utilizing hosted VoIP phone systems to communication across campus – and enjoy many additional advantages and benefits ranging from substantial cost savings, to continuity and disaster recovery – contact the Votacall team today. We have extensive experience partnering with private schools nationwide.

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