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Improve Your Business ROI with Hosted VoIP Solutions

Andy DeAngelis
March 21, 2016

improve-your-business-roi-with-hosted-voip-solutions.jpgWhile the distinction between expense and investment is one that all businesses must carefully make, it is particularly important for small and mid-sized firms that typically – and frankly – cannot afford to “spend their way out of mistakes”. Instead of announcing a write-down or sending out a profit warning to analysts, such firms can find themselves struggling to stabilize and possibly even survive.

Given this reality, it is not surprising that a growing number of small and mid-sized firms are making the switch from a traditional phone system to hosted VoIP. Below, we highlight the 4 keys ways why this decision is clearly an investment that delivers significant ROI, rather than an expense that triggers alarm bells:

  1. Substantial Initial and Ongoing Cost Savings 

The substantial cost savings of hosted VoIP are not theoretical, abstract or proposed. They are clear, measurable and increasing – plus they start immediately, as there is no costly PBX to purchase and install, or ongoing maintenance fees to cover. And on top of this, there are no long distance costs.

  1. Lower Overhead Costs 

With traditional phone systems, businesses are obligated to assign staff to offices and buildings that are connected by copper wires. This is not just restrictive, but it is expensive as well due to overhead costs. However, with a hosted VoIP system, businesses can assign staff anywhere – including more cost-effective locations, such as remote offices and home offices.

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction & Sales

Hosted VoIP systems empower users to access the system anytime, anywhere and from any phone or device – including their employer supplied or personal device (“BYOD”). As a result, instead of leaving voicemail after voicemail, customers have a greater chance of connecting with their desired party, which helps drive customer satisfaction and sales.

  1. Future-Proofed Scalability

Most businesses do not know how large their workforce will be a year from now; let alone next quarter. Fortunately, a hosted VoIP phone system seamlessly scales to align with changing capacity needs. As such, if a dozen new employees onboard in the weeks and months ahead, businesses simply purchase highly affordable licenses. Or if due to contraction or consolidation dozens of licenses are no longer needed, businesses simply let them expire. This future-proofed scalability is fundamental to achieving ROI, since businesses do not pay for capacity they are not using.

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At Votacall we are hosted VoIP experts, yet that is not where our competence ends. Unlike many other companies in the VoIP industry, we are also BUSINESS EXPERTS, which means that we do not get “lost in the technology”. We fully understand that our clients need to make smart, strategic investments that empower their workforce, elevate their organization, and of course: take the shortest path to substantial ROI. We speak the language of technology and business, and that makes all the difference to our satisfied clients!

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