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Why Cloud Phone Systems Are the Future of Office Communication

March 22, 2016

cloud phone systemsAcross the country, an increasing number of businesses – especially small and mid-sized firms – are making the switch from traditional to cloud phone systems. Below, we highlight the 5 key reasons why this trend will soon become the norm rather than the exception (and for the call center space it already is), and why cloud phone systems are, without question, the future of office communication:

  1. Total Mobility

Today’s employees and contractors are not “chained to their desks”. Rather, they are constantly moving around and meeting with colleagues, customers and partners. Cloud phone systems deliver total mobility by allowing users to access advanced calling features when they are in the office (via certified VoIP phones) and when they are on-the-go (via smartphone app).

  1. Seamless Scalability

With cloud phone systems, businesses are not forced to pay for lines they do not need, or conversely, to pay excessive costs to have additional lines installed to accommodate new users. Since all connectivity is handled through the cloud, scaleability is seamless and very cost-effective. Businesses that no longer need lines (due to contraction or consolidation) simply let their redundant licenses expire, while those that need additional lines purchase them on-demand.

  1. Built-in Disaster Recovery

In the event of a natural disaster or any other event that triggers a local power outage, cloud phone systems continue working since they leverage a geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure. This is a game-changing advantage vs. traditional phone systems, which go offline until power is restored – whether it lasts minutes, hours or days.

  1. Advanced Calling Features

Cloud phone systems deliver advanced calling features at no additional cost. These include voicemail to email, voicemail to text, one-number service, direct-in-dial, video and web conferencing, and more. As such, small and mid-sized businesses can enjoy enterprise-grade calling features to keep their people connected, and their customers informed and impressed.

  1. Constant Innovation 

Traditional phone system hardware vendors typically offer new customers the “latest and greatest” features and tools, because they want to generate new sales. This leaves their existing, loyal customers on the outside looking in, and obligated to spend tens of thousands of dollars every 3-5 years simply to access the latest innovations.

However, with cloud phone systems, innovations are constantly being developed, automatically applied, cost nothing, and are available to ALL customers – not just new ones. As such, businesses never have to worry about their state-of-the-art system becoming obsolete.

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