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What to Look For in a Hosted VoIP Provider

Andy DeAngelis
March 23, 2016

hosted voipDeciding to make the switch from a traditional phone system to hosted VoIP is a smart, strategic and significantly cost-saving move.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for businesses to save 50 percent (or sometimes more) after making the switch – and this is every year, not just the first one. We have all heard about the gift that keeps on giving. Well, for millions of businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country and around the world, hosted VoIP is the system that keeps on saving!

However, choosing to make the switch is one piece of the puzzle. The other piece – which is just as important – is selecting the right hosted VoIP provider. Below, we highlight 3 core criteria that should be on your shopping list as you move forward through your research and evaluation process:

  1. Ensure that your hosted VoIP provider is a REAL provider.

At first glance this advice seems strange, because you may believe that any company that offers hosted VoIP is a legitimate provider. However, this is NOT the case – and it is very important for you to understand how the marketplace is configured. Essentially, there are three types of VoIP companies in the marketplace: DIY VoIP Vendors, Carrier Service Providers, and VoIP Solution Providers.

DIY VoIP Vendors are large, mass-market organizations that are focused on selling huge volumes of hardware, and as such offer virtually no support. Carrier Service Providers are just as disastrous to deal with, since they are essentially the VoIP “wing” of conventional telephone companies (i.e. the same companies that spent decades trying to keep hosted VoIP out of the marketplace!).  

Real VoIP Solutions Providers, however, offer both leading-edge hardware and exceptional ongoing support, both during implementation and into the future through engagement. These are companies that specialize in client service and delivering measurably beneficial solutions, and this makes all the difference.

  1. Look for proven experience.

It is essential that you look for a hosted VoIP provider that has proven, in-depth experience installing, optimizing and supporting systems in organizations of all sizes – from smaller firms, to large enterprises. 

As the old saying goes: there is no substitute for experience. While this is true in many industries and fields, it is especially true in the hosted VoIP space, since it is what happens AFTER an agreement is signed and a transaction occurs that is most important. Businesses that choose an experienced partner will have the support, insight and answers they need to get the most out of their system, and take the shortest path to ROI.

  1. Check out awards and commendations.

A hosted VoIP provider you can trust will point you towards awards and commendations they have received over the years, and which highlight their proven commitment to excellence across all areas: products, services, and of course client focus.

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 At Votacall, we are proud to be the hosted VoIP provider of choice for businesses across the country. As a REAL provider, our service and support commitment is second-to-none. We also have in-depth experience and a roster of in-house experts, and have won numerous awards over the years, including: the People’s Choice Award for Best New Product, Internet Telephony Product of the Year, Unified Communications Product of the Year, and more.

Contact us today for your complimentary, no-risk consultation. We will provide you with honest, clear advice on how you can move forward and reap the rewards of hosted VoIP in your businesses faster, easier, and far more affordably than you imagine! For more information on how NOT all VoIP vendors are created equal, download our FREE ebook below:

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