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How a VoIP Phone System Can Integrate With Your CRM

March 24, 2016

VoIP phone systemWhile the most well-known and widely acclaimed benefits of a VoIP phone system vs. a traditional phone system are cost savings, scalability and mobility, there is another distinct advantage that a growing number of businesses are exploiting to drive customer engagement and revenues: integration with their CRM. Below, we highlight the 3 key ways that this seamless connectivity is making a transformative difference.

  1. Improve Customer Engagement

Integrating a VoIP phone system with your CRM enables you to significantly improve customer engagement in several ways. For example, instead of placing callers on hold (which they hate!), you can automatically redirect them to an available employee regardless of whether they are located in-house, at another location, in a home office, or even while they are on-the-go via their mobile device.

Furthermore, you can use VoIP phone system features like web conferencing and video conferencing to increase “face time” with customers – but without spending a cent on travel. 

  1. Glean Actionable Data

CRM is not just about execution, but also about strategy – which means that you need the right inputs and information if you want to achieve desired results.

Integrating a VoIP phone system with your CRM instantly gives you valuable insights on everything from average sales call length, hold times, outbound call patterns, productivity, and more. You can then glean this actionable data to optimize your CRM strategy by augmenting what you are doing well, and correcting what needs to be improved.

What’s more, you can easily create business rules to redirect calls so they align with your CRM strategy. For instance, your most important and influential customers can be directed to specific employees or groups, your technical customers can be routed straight to your service department, and so on.

  1. Automated Attendant and Direct-In-Dialing

Businesses are also elevating their CRM through two game-changing VoIP phone system features: automated attending and direct-in-dialing (DiD).

With an automated attendant, callers can easily self-direct their call to rapidly connect with an individual, team or department. In addition, this feature can be centralized so that incoming calls to all locations can be routed through the attendant (i.e. each location does not have to have its own system or its own receptionist).

And with DiD, customers can be given direct numbers to reach an individual (e.g. account manager, technical specialist, etc.), which means they will not have to waste time calling a main switchboard.

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