How to Customize Your Hosted VoIP Solution to Fit Your Business

March 25, 2016

Hosted VoIPWhile the cost saving benefits of hosted VoIP phone systems are remarkable – in many cases exceeding 50 percent per year compared to traditional phone systems – there is another key advantage that is categorically superior: customization. 

Indeed, many businesses cannot customize their traditional phone system due to provider restrictions and limitations, or if customization options exist, they are forced to pay excessive fees -- which for many small businesses are a clear deal-breaker as they simply cannot afford it. However, a hosted VoIP phone system changes the game, but without raising the cost!

Below, we highlight some of the highly impressive ways that a hosted VoIP phone system can be customized to fit unique business needs.

  1. Customized Call Redirect

With traditional on-premise phone systems (a.k.a. on-premise PBX), incoming callers are obliged to wait on hold until “the next available representative is available to speak with them”. As we all know, making callers wait is a recipe for frustration and disengagement.

However, with hosted VoIP systems businesses can customize the call flow, and automatically redirect calls to any location – including groups and remote offices. This means that customers spend little or no time on hold, and employees are productive regardless of where they are.

  1. Centralized Reception 

With a hosted VoIP system, businesses can have incoming calls to each location answered by a centralized reception, which boosts efficiency and customer service, and helps businesses reduce overhead and operational costs as well (i.e. there is no need for a receptionist in each location).

And since hosted VoIP systems feature multiple main line appearances, receptionists will know how to answer the call (e.g. “thank you for calling technical support” or “thank you for reaching our sales team”, etc.).

What’s more, businesses can direct their system to automatically route/re-route calls based on the time of day if they have multiple locations in various time zones.

  1. Support for Remote Teams and “Road Warriors” 

Hosted VoIP systems can easily be customized to support remote teams and “road warriors”. For example, employees can use one-number-service to route all calls to a preferred device, including their smartphone. They can also be assigned a Direct-in-Dial (DiD) number that lets callers get in touch directly without having to go through reception -- which is particularly appreciated by busy customers!

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