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Is a Hosted Call Center Right for Your Business?

March 29, 2016

hosted call centerA growing number of businesses – including startups and smaller firms – are making the switch from a traditional phone system, to a leading-edge hosted call center. Below, we highlight the 4 key reasons why this solution may be ideal for your success-focused business today, and for years to come:

  1. Streamline and Consolidate Telecommunications 

With a hosted call center, you can streamline and consolidate all telecommunication networks across your business -- including remote offices and remote workers -- onto a single, centralized platform. This not only dramatically lowers management and operational costs, but gives you unprecedented visibility of system performance, usage and capacity.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service 

A hosted call center allows you to measurably improve customer service by reducing – if not outright eliminating – the amount of time that your customers remain on hold, or the frequency at which they need to leave a voicemail. Instead of lining up for “the next available representative”, their call will automatically be routed to an available team member regardless of where they are located.

What’s more, with intelligent call handling, you can easily create rules that route calls to certain locations, departments, teams or individuals based on factors such as location, customer history, language, etc.

  1. Total Scalability

With a hosted call center, you do not have to worry about being saddled with more lines than you need – or on the other hand, struggle to add lines to meet demand. You simply purchase licenses as you need them, and let them expire when they are no longer required. There are no tedious phone company appointments to make and wait around for, and no old fashioned “copper wires” to lay.

  1. Continuous Innovation

Last but not least: with a hosted call center, you do not have to worry that today’s state-of-the-art investment turns into tomorrow’s obsolete expense. This is because you will always have access to the latest innovations and calling features (e.g. Auto Attendant, Direct-in-Dial, Centralized Greeting, etc.). Plus, there is no additional charge for these innovations, and your IT staff does not have to struggle with integrations and installations. Everything is automatically handled 24/7 by your hosted call center solutions provider.

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