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6 Advantages to a VoIP-CRM Integration

May 10, 2018

voip crmThe best businesses understand that their sales and marketing departments are inexorably linked; that is, the success of one is contingent on the other. As such, anything a company can do to unite their sales and marketing efforts will likely result in a boost in productivity, revenue, and overall effectiveness. That’s why so many businesses are pursuing a Hosted VoIP-CRM integration. Combining the best elements of a top-of-the-line VoIP system with the interface and support from your CRM is one of the best ways to improve customer relations and satisfaction. And to further that point, here are six advantages you’ll enjoy when you decide to integrate your VoIP system with your CRM:

No More Waiting

How many times have you called a company only to be put on hold immediately? (Probably a lot.) How many times did you enjoy that experience? (Probably never.) The first advantage a VoIP-CRM integration brings to the table is the ability to cut-down on customer phone queues. Rather than forcing a caller to sit on the line for minutes at a time, businesses can instead assign free team members to deal with any waiting callers.

Linked Customer Profiles

Your marketing team works hard to send qualified leads to your sales team. Therefore, it’s only natural that you’d want your sales staff to have as much information about a caller available when making a sales pitch. When your company integrates VoIP with your CRM, your sales team will have access to any prior interactions a caller had with your business. So you won’t have to retrace your steps with a customer and waste valuable time.

Call Analytics

If knowledge is power, then call analytics provided by VoIP technology puts your business firmly in the driver’s seat. Not only will you gain vital information regarding call patterns, call length, and hold times, but you’ll be able to then use that data to make active changes through your CRM interface.


Companies that experience significant growth need a sophisticated phone system to accommodate increased levels of call traffic. Bringing your VoIP system together with your CRM will enable seamless scalability. You won’t have to worry about installing new technology or stressing your staff out with an excessive workload. Instead, you can use your existing systems to comfortably handle more phone calls (and more sales!).

VoIP-CRM Management

In addition to being an excellent tool for your sales and marketing teams, a VoIP-CRM integration will make your manager’s life that much easier as well. An intuitive CRM interface will enable them to clearly see the effectiveness of your sales and customer-relations branches and, from there, address any potential issues before they become a problem.


Combining your VoIP system and CRM is –– in addition to every other advantage –– a cost-effective option for forward-thinking businesses to explore. You won’t have to purchase any new tech, buy expensive add-ons, or deal with annoying installation fees; instead, you can hit the ground running with the same programs you already love.

Final Thoughts 

Integrating your CRM with Hosted VoIP is a practice that can benefit just about any company –– regardless of industry. After all, what business owner wouldn’t want to improve their customer relations, internal efficiency, scalability and overall productivity? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then contact the Votacall team today and let us help you get started with VoIP technology. Plus, for more information on the many benefits integrating a CRM with your VoIP system will deliver, check out our free eBook here:


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