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8 Advantages of a Hosted VoIP System

June 18, 2015


Businesses are always looking for ways to lower costs. Instead of cutting staff, there are plenty of ways to reduce costs, but you never want to sacrifice efficiency or productivity. A hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is the ideal way to keep your business running smoothly while slashing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency.Hosted VoIP systems allow you to communicate more effectively and the best part is your provider will install, manage and maintain the system, saving you time and giving you peace of mind. Hosted VoIP has amazing benefits, and we are listing the top eight.


  1. Cut Costs on Hardware and Maintenance


Hosted VoIP means you will no longer have outdated hardware that requires upgrades. As phone systems get older, maintenance can become costly. Businesses spend lots on expensive hardware and software upgrades, not to mention the bulky equipment that takes up valuable space. As part of your hosted VoIP solution, upgrades an maintenance are included in your contract.


  1. Mobility


As we become more mobile and dependent on our hand held devices, it is important that your communications keep up with the trend. A hosted VoIP solution will route calls to any phone, at any time and any place with all the functions of the office phone system. Employees who work from home, on the road, remotely or are on-site mobile workers can stay in touch at all times.


  1. Scalability


When your business grows, there will be a need to add employees. With hosted VoIP, you can easily add new users for minimal costs. No need to buy a new card or module for your old system because you ran out of ports, just call your provider and add a new extension with minimal upfront costs. You can add call center and productivity applications at any time. The same goes with downsizing you can decrease the amount of users at any time. Pay as you grow and all that is needed are additional phones for the new employees. 


  1. Managed Solutions


With a hosted VoIP service some providers offer a managed service, meaning you open a ticket for any issue and it's resolved by their support team. Troubleshooting, programming, solution changes and maintenance are handled by the managed VoIP provider for the life of the contract. With Cloud technology, we can change the call flow, access features and alter system settings from anywhere at any time, no matter what your on site environment looks like.


  1. Increase Efficiency and Performance


With a hosted VoIP system you can increase efficiency and route calls more effectively. Calls will move through your business seamlessly. Applications such as call recording can enhance your customer experience. You can listen to how your employees and customers react and make changes to your process or increase training so your employees are well versed in how you want your customer handled. With this data, employees can be trained where to make improvements. Call reporting applications can tell you who's doing the work and you can identify trends. The data will tell the story. 


  1. Cut Phone Line Costs


With data and telephone traffic traveling over the internet, you save the cost of adding extra lines. You will also save on long distance calls that can add up when dealing nationally or globally. Most hosted VoIP providers include an allotment of minutes in their calling plans. No more 10 cent a minute long distance calls. 


  1. Disaster Recovery


When there is a local grid power outage, natural disaster or other equipment failure, it can knock out your traditional phone system. Your hosted VoIP server will remain uninterrupted, and continue to deliver high performance servers. Even if you have no access to your office, your hosted VoIP service will continue to be operational and calls can be re-routed to your auto attendant or voice mail. You can log in to your mobile application and take calls or forward calls wherever you need. 


  1. Consistent Innovation


Many hosted VoIP providers are committed to constantly developing and evolving their solution. We are always adding layers to our VoIP platform, so customers have access to the latest and best features without a large expense. We add this as part of our service instead of technology hardware companies that try to draw customers in to thinking they need to purchase the latest innovation in communications technology, why upgrade your system every 3-5 years and incur large expenses. You can move to VoIP and stay on the cutting edge.



If you would like to learn more about hosted VoIP and some of the services that can help you help your business take a look at our ebook on Unified communications. We would be happy to answer any questions you have at any time. 




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