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Simplify With the Hosted VoIP Experience

June 22, 2015




Hosted VoIP in and of itself is a way to simplify your business operations by getting rid of your old phone system and streamlining with online services. Solid communications are key to a solid business reputation. Embracing a new technology can be a tough pill to swallow but once you adopt the Hosted VoIP technology you will be happy you did. The first step is to talk to a Hosted VoIP expert, tech them about how your business operates and how calls are moved throughtout your organization. This will help with the design and implementatin of your new system. 


Hosted VoIP Equipment


There are all types of SIP endpoints that will work with Hosted VoIP. The one thing to keep in mind is a quality phone will have a positive impact on your experience. Some phones are really cheap and I don't mean inexpensive, I mean poor quality that will impact your service and most likely have you on the phone with technical support more often than you would like to be. Another thing to consider is an SBC or session boarder controller, this devise is a VoIP aware firewall and will enhance the quality of your calls when deployed correctly. Network switching is another piece of the VoIP puzzle. When you implement a managed PoE switch (power over Ethernet) you can create VLAN's to separate your voice and data traffic. There are a lot of switch manufacturers who can meet these requirements. 


No Skills Necessary


Most VoIP providers will provision your new hardware before it's shipped to your location. When the equipment arrives a technician is sent out to install the new system. Some VoIP providers will install the equipment a week or so before you go live on the system. This will give you a few days to play with the phone and make some calls to get acquainted with your new system. This will also give the provider a few days of monitoring your router to make sure your going to achieve the highest quality call.


VoIP Training


Since your business has been likely operating the same way for a long time, making the transition to VoIP is going to require a bit of training and support. The technology is easy to learn just make sure you select a provider who will support you through this process. Training can be done very easily, many providers will send you a link to a video that will run you through how to use the phone. If there is a large group and on site training is something you need, then just ask. Example Training Videos


Hosted VoIP is a Managed Solution


One of the decisions you will have to make is to either select a managed VoIP solution or a basic VoIP solution. A Managed solution will allow you to call and ask questions or have the VoIP company monitor your systems to be proactive and stay ahead of a possible issue. Most managed providers will also send a tech on the day of implementation. A basic solution most carriers will ship you phones and have you plug them into your existing network, this is not a great idea since this type of deployment will inevitably create call quality issues. Cloud technology allows us complete management of the VoIP solution, so we can change system settings, alter the flow of calls and access necessary features from any device at any time. We let you focus on your business and not the technology issues.




There is a common fear in the business world that once a new communications system has been adopted, the company is now stuck whenever new employees are added or it will be a hassle to remove lines when downsizing. This is not an issue with hosted VoIP. Adding or removing lines is a very simple step and new lines can be ready in minutes with the easy plug-in of a new phone. Usually you can just call your provider and have a phone shipped out. You are no longer going to purchase a new module for your phone system when you run out of ports. 


Don't wait until the last minute to get on board with the latest in communications. Switching to hosted VoIP is an easy and painless process. It's feature and application rich so you can increase efficiencies. If you would like to learn more read our whitepaper on Unified Communications 


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