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Benefits of a Hosted Business Phone System

January 8, 2015


It is increasingly important for businesses to be on the lookout for new ways to cut costs, increase production and boost office efficiency. Recently, many companies have turned to hosted business phone systems to replace the now outdated traditional office phone set up. Hosted phone systems are made possible through the use of VoIP, or voice over internet protocol. Essentially, these business phone systems use the internet.

Countless Benefits for Your Business

On the surface there are a couple of initial benefits that companies experience right off the bat:

  • The business owner is no longer responsible for setting up the entire phone infrastructure.
  • Hosted phone systems can be easily tailored to meet the unique needs and set up for almost any business.
  • When problems do arise, the company who provides the hosted phone service will be at the ready to handle it for you.

Hosted Business Phones Offer Less Headaches

One of the biggest differences between the traditional phone set up and a hosted phone service is that with the hosted phone option you are no longer tied to the office if you want to utilize the phone service. This means that you are able to check your phone messages from anywhere. You can also forward the message to someone else or even call someone from your office phone line even though you are outside of the office.

Decreased Costs and Increased Productivity

Since this phone system is internet-based, it is usually less expensive to install and maintain. Traditionally, a company would need to purchase the entire phone system and then pay for the phone service. With a hosted business phone system the business is charged one flat monthly rate, which offers predictability and sensible spending.

Easy Maintenance and Problem Solving

Previously, the business owner would have to purchase his phone system and then watch as it aged and needed replacement. Any updates would be his burden to carry, and oftentimes the quality of the phone system would suffer as a result. With hosted phone services you will be provided with up to date equipment. Updates are done regularly and are the burden of the service provider.

Not only are these systems well maintained, but they offer a backup system in case something happens to go wrong. This makes hosted business phone systems the number one most reliable phone system you could have in your office. If employees work off site they will not have to worry about the reliability of the phone system.

Hosted phone systems are incredibly valuable and they offer great cost savings. It's no wonder they are becoming so popular. They are also reliable and versatile, offering a wide array of flexibility and options. These phone systems can easily be adapted to fit any office need.

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