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How to Choose a Cloud Provider

January 22, 2015


Small and medium sized businesses are largely deciding that the use of cloud services are preferable to them. There is no better time to make the transition to the cloud than now.


Why Choose a Cloud Provider?

Companies are choosing cloud services for a variety of reasons. It can be easy to stick with what you know, but the reasons why companies switch are very compelling. Here are some of the top reasons why cloud services are preferable for smaller businesses:


  • You can access your cloud from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Employees can work from home if there is inclement weather
  • Cloud providers take on the responsibility of maintaining hardware
  • When IT problems arise you can call your cloud provider instead of spending tons on the IT repair man


Important Cloud Provider Perks

There are many reasons for switching over to cloud services. Companies can be hesitant to take the jump because cloud services are relatively new. Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself when choosing a cloud provider:


  • Does this provider have 24 hour help desk service?
  • Do they have managed cloud services that enable your office to be mobile?
  • Do they have a secure backup location for when your backup scan runs?
  • Do they have experiences assisting companies when they need to restore their computer data?


Utilizing a Cloud Provider Equals Cost Savings

One of the biggest questions to ask yourself would be if switching to this cloud provider will reduce your overall costs and increase efficiency. More often than not, it is profitable for smaller businesses to use a cloud provider. How can that be? First of all, your business no longer carries the burden of having to pay for computer hardware and software up front. All you need are your basic office computers which will access your cloud. Second, when you utilize a cloud provider they are responsible for making sure your software is up to date.


Ensure Great Customer Service

Make sure that your cloud provider is great at providing customer service when things go wrong. IT problems are common. When you depend on another company for a particular service it is important to know how they respond during a crisis. A good cloud provider will jump at the chance to help you out.


Smaller businesses are largely looking to utilize cloud services. Choosing a cloud provider can be challenging. Taking some time to do your homework can pay off. At Votacall, we make it our mission to delivery reliability, investment protection, and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Give us a call to see if we can help you transition to the cloud, increase efficiency, and save your organization money.


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