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The Key Benefits of Hosted Call Accounting & Reporting

Andy DeAngelis
April 7, 2017

benefits of hosted call accouting and reportingOne of the most exciting and innovative developments in the world of hosted VoIP technology is known as hosted call accounting and reporting. This feature, which integrates fully and seamlessly with a hosted VoIP implementation, gives businesses unprecedented visibility across three core areas: monitoring usage and performance; tracking analytics; and generating insights on results and ROI. We explore each of these below.

Monitoring Usage & Performance

Hosted call accounting and reporting empowers businesses with accurate, complete and real-time data regarding:

  • Workforce System Usage: Who is using the system; when they are using the system; how long they are using the system; how many calls they are making (per hour, day, week, month, etc.); where calls are originating from; who is being called.  
  • Workforce Call Logging: Track the length, volume and frequency of calls made by various user groups (e.g. inside sales, field reps, channel partners, telemarketers, support reps, management, reception, etc.).
  • Call Content: Listen to actual call recordings to understand exactly what customers are saying about products, services, quality, support, and other critical operational aspects. 

Tracking Analytics

You cannot manage what you cannot measure, which is why hosted call accounting and reporting tracks analytics at both aggregate and granular levels, including the following core areas:

  • Staffing: Identify the busiest time of day and make staffing allocation/re-allocation decisions accordingly.  
  • Infrastructure: Determine if calling volume justifies investments in upgrades such as a T1 high-speed transmission line or Primary Rate Interface (PRI) trunk line, while identifying the possibility of consolidating line costs and bypassing tolls.
  • Quality: Identifying call quality to determine if staff need additional support tools or training to enhance conversations that drive more sales, reduce support requests, lower churn rates, improve customer experience, and so on.  
  • Billable Time: Accurately and precisely track call time and all billable customer support.

Generating Insights on Results and ROI

Ultimately, a hosted VoIP phone system – like any other business investment – must be evaluated on the results it enables and whether it delivers ROI (and how soon). Hosted call accounting and reporting generates powerful visibility of both results and ROI in the following areas:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Monitor and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by accurately capturing how many calls each campaign generates (and from where they generate and when the happen), as well as identifying which ads generate the best response.
  • Sales Production: About 50 percent of all sales reps fail to reach their annual quota. Proactively identify best practices and coaching opportunities by producing reports that identify which sales reps are on track, which are over-delivering, and which need to be supported when it comes to cold calling effectiveness.

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