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Debunking 4 Common VoIP Phone System Myths

Andy DeAngelis
April 25, 2016

debunking-4-common-voip-phone-system-myths.jpgThere are some persistent myths that seem all but impossible to debunk. For example, it is still an uphill task to convince some folks that Elvis Presley is not (we repeat: not) alive, or that the Loch Ness monster is nothing more than what might be the single greatest tourism campaign in human history.

On the other hand, however, there are some mistaken beliefs that are remarkably easy to dispel, and those linked to what a VoIP phone system allegedly can – or rather, allegedly cannot do – certainly qualify.

And so without further delay, below we easily and rapidly debunk 4 common VoIP phone system myths:

MYTH #1: A VoIP phone system is only marginally more cost-effective than a traditional phone system.

FACT: A VoIP phone system is significantly – and in some cases – dramatically more affordable; especially if it is a hosted VoIP system. In such cases, it is not uncommon for businesses to save 50 percent (or sometimes more) each year, every year.

MYTH #2: A VoIP phone system is only suitable for larger enterprises and/or call centers.

FACT: While many enterprises and large call centers do indeed use a VoIP phone system, the largest growth sector is actually small and mid-sized businesses. Indeed, many startups hit the ground running with a VoIP phone system because it is categorically superior to a traditional phone system in every way.

MYTH #3: A VoIP phone system is difficult to install.

FACT: Traditional telecom providers love spreading this myth, because they do not want to lose a customer! The truth, as you might expect, is a different story. Businesses that choose a hosted VoIP phone system do not have to install anything. Their Solutions Provider will setup their managed router, check all internet connections, and provide instructions for easily and quickly setting up all certified VoIP phones. 

MYTH #4: A VoIP phone system is unreliable.

FACT: The exact opposite is the case. Whereas traditional phone systems go offline (i.e. no dial tone) during brownouts and blackouts, VoIP phone systems remain fully functional. What’s more, with business continuity features like automatic failover and call routing to mobile phones, VoIP phone systems are ultra-reliable. That is why they guarantee 99.99 percent uptime!

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