3 Ways Hosted VoIP Helps Your Small Business Avoid Disaster

April 21, 2016

hosted VoIPAs a small business owner, you have plenty on your mind, such as managing suppliers and vendors, making customers happy, ensuring that your team collectively “punches above their weight class” in terms of productivity and performance, and of course, ensuring that cash flow, well, flows the way it should!

However, there is yet another priority that demands your attention: avoiding disaster in the event of a local power outage, on-site hardware failure, or even a malware or virus attack. And that is where a hosted VoIP system is part of the solution.

Below, we highlight 3 ways that hosted VoIP will help your small business avoid disaster, and stay on track for success and growth:

  1. Geographically Dispersed Cloud Infrastructure

Unlike conventional phone systems – which since the 19th century have used copper wire to connect offices and buildings – a hosted VoIP system relies on a geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure.

In simpler terms and in the context of avoiding disaster, what this means is that in the event of a local power failure due to flooding, fire, hurricane, or even due to human error, your hosted VoIP system will be functional and accessible. Indeed, the small (or even the big!) business next door or across the street may not even have a dial tone, whereas you can stay connected to your employees and customers, and coordinate as necessary to avoid disaster.

  1. Rapid Data Recovery

A hosted VoIP system stores everything securely in the cloud, which means that you can quickly get back online and functioning in the aftermath of a data-related disaster. What’s more, you can even re-route calls to mobile devices while you are in recovery mode (i.e. ensuring that malware is removed from your systems, replacing a server, etc.).

  1. Automatic Failover Response

A hosted VoIP system uses your broadband internet connection to enable communication. Yet, what happens if something temporarily goes wrong with your ISP or with the internet connection itself?

In either case, you can easily setup failover response, which simply means that if the primary connection is offline or unstable, then a secondary one will be used until the problem has been resolved. Furthermore, constantly monitoring connectivity integrity and (if necessary) switching over/back happens automatically. You do not have to spend a second of your valuable time or worry about configuring anything.

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At Votacall, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses succeed. We understand that you need enterprise-grade solutions, yet must spend wisely and take the shortest path to ROI – because your success and survival depends on it! We will work with you to design and deploy a solution that fits your small business AND budget, and provide you with the total support you need every step of the way.

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