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The Benefits of Hosted VoIP for the Biotech Industry

April 19, 2016

the-benefits-of-hosted-voip-for-the-biotech-industry.jpgRecent research has forecasted that the two industries poised to enjoy the biggest growth in the decade ahead are VoIP and biotech. But that is not the only link between them, because VoIP – and specifically, hosted VoIP – is perfectly suited for the biotech industry. Below, we highlight the 5 key reasons why:

  1. Cost Effective Expansion & Scaling

Firms in the biotech industry often need to expand and scale their workforce rapidly based on a variety of factors and variables, including results from tests and trials, new investments, shifting R&D strategy, and so on. A hosted VoIP system makes it fast, easy and most importantly, highly affordable to respond to changes when they occur (not if they occur!).

  1. Total Mobility

The old fashioned image of biotech workers wearing white coats and toiling away in a lab for 8-10 hours a day are history! Today’s biotech workers are constantly mobile and are more likely to be in a meeting, conference or connecting with stakeholders, as they are to be at their workstation or in a lab. A hosted VoIP system features automatic call routing, so that workers can take calls on their smartphone wherever they are, and whenever they are working.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Naturally, greater mobility and ease-of-use means that biotech workers are more productive with hosted VoIP than with a traditional landline/PBX phone system. For example, they can connect with colleagues and others via web or video conferencing, get voicemails delivered as emails (ideal for picking them up while at a conference, in a meeting, or on-the-go), and so on.

  1. Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Biotech firms need to be well ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting their valuable data from breaches and leaks. A hosted VoIP phone system has built-in data backup and disaster recovery mechanisms, including a geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure that keeps the system online in the event of a local power outage.

  1. Call Management

Last but not least, a hosted VoIP phone system gives managers and executives in biotech firms the rich, real-time data they need to track usage, identify traffic patterns, and ensure that they are getting the most out of their investment. What’s more, this actionable intelligence can be securely accessed 24/7 via an intuitive web-based dashboard. 

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